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Jonas brothers, did not write Year 3000. They bought it or something like that off of the people who really did write it.

The band that preformed Year 3000 before them was called BUSTED. They broke up in 2006 I think, somewhere around then. Whether it was them who wrote Year 3000 I'm not entirely sure, but they broke up because the lead singer Charlie wanted to be seen as more than just a pretty face. One of them, Matt Willis, was able to make a career of his own, but no one's herd about him for a while. I think he's quite big in the US.

Along with taking the song, the Jonas Brothers changed some of the words to make it less dirty, you can compare the two on YouTube.

WOOHOO BUSTED RULZ=D. And yes jonas brothers screened the song so it has no bad words in it.>=(

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Q: How old were the Jonas brothers when they wrote year 3000?
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Are we going to the year 3000 like the Jonas Brothers?

no it is a song that the Jonas brother's wrote

Who oringinally wrote year 3000 for the Jonas Brothers?

the song year 3,000 wasnt really written 4 the Jonas Brothers it was written for another boy band called Busted Busted wrote Year 3000 in 2002 themselves and the Jonas Brothers did a cover in 2007

With the Jonas brothers who were year 3000 and what you go to school for originally written by?

Busted wrote and originally played Year 3000 and What I Go To School For, but the Jonas Brothers changed the lyrics round a bit.

What was the first song the Jonas brothers wrote to gether?

"year 3000" or" hold on" or were the "kids from the future"

What song is on both Jonas Brothers album?

''Year 3000''it was on ''It's About Time'' and ''Jonas Brothers.''

What was the Jonas brothers firs song?

the Year 3000

What song was made first kids of the future or year 3000 by the Jonas brothers?

Year 3000

When did the song Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers come out?

in 2006

What song was on both Jonas brothers albums?

year 3000

Did Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers go multiplatnium?

No. you are an idiot.

Jo's favourite song from the Jonas brothers?

Year 3000.

When did the Jonas Brothers become popular?

when year 3000 came out

Who wrote the song 'Year 3000' performed by the Jonas Brothers?

Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones of the band The McFlys co-wrote the song "Year 3000" with the help of James Bourne, the lead guitarist of the band Busted.

Why did the Jonas Brothers write year 3000?

The Jonas Brohters did not write the song Year 3000, a boy band called Busted wrote it, and the Jonas Brothers did a cover of it. Also, they (The Jonas Brothers) Change many words..You can find the busted version on Youtube and you will see. =) Hope this was helpful Yup the Jonas bros stink for doing that they basically screened the song so it would be "Disney appropriate".>:p THPPTTTTT. <(this is the truth)

What is the Jonas Brothers favorite song that they wrote?

Each one has a different favorite. Nick's is Year 3000, Kevin's is SOS, and Joe's is Australia

What was the first song that the Jonas brothers put on a CD?

Year 3000

What is Joe Jonas's Favourite song from Jonas brothers?

year 3000

When did year 3000 by Jonas brothers come out?

around 2004 or 2005

What are the Jonas Brothers first two singles?

Year 3000 and Mandy

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Its About Time, 2006 Album

What was the jonas brothers first song that they wrote togther?

the first song they wrote together was please be mine. & its my favorite one for now =]] i always thought it was year 3000 huh i dunno!!

What are the Jonas Brothers favourite songs?

joe: austaralia nick: year 3000

What year do the Jonas Brothers think people will be living underwater?

3000 newtest3

Who created year 3000?

Busted first created year 3000 but the Jonas brothers redid it. Busted personally sounds better.

What are 5 hit songs from the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers hits are Burnin Up, Lovebug, SOS, Look Me In The Eyes, and Year 3000