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If they were born on Jupiter, they would be 118.6 Earth years old on their tenth orbit of the Sun (Their Jupiter birthday)

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If you were ten earth years old but living on Jupiter you would be Jupiter years old?

No. You would be dead. Jupiter has no life supporting capabilities because it is a gas giant with a liquid core. The term year refers to the time it takes the Earth to revolve around the sun. So far, in space, on the moon or anywhere else in space, time is still measured in our seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. So, to answer the question, you would be 10 years old. See the related link for more information. You would be 142.32 years old because, a Juputer year is 11.86 earth years. 12 * 11.86 = 142.32. you would be old!

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What year did spacecraft pioneer 10 fly by Jupiter?


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how long is one trip around the sun for jupiter?

It is a shocking 10 hours. This means that 1 year on Jupiter is only 10 hours.

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