How olds the undetaker?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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45 his birthday is march 24 1965.

By the way Vickie guerro is 42

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Q: How olds the undetaker?
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Is the Undetaker banished?

he is but he will soon get his revenge

Will undetaker win the title?


Did undetaker kill his parents?

no kane did

Who will win undertaker or Triple H?


How old is undetaker?

turned 45 March 24 2010

Who killed the undetaker?

nobody killed him. its just a storyline for him to recover from his injuries.

Is Kane and undetaker really brothers?

they are wrestling brothers but not real brothers

Who won at wrestle-mania between undertaker and Triple H?

The undertaker

What awards has the undertaker won?

the undetaker has won 435 matches nd loss 165 matches

Is undetaker married?

Sarah.But i think he should date CM punk because they argue to much or Melina

What is the real name of 'The Undertaker'?

The Undetaker's real name is Mark Calaway.

Has Randy Orton beat Undetaker?

yes. summerslam 2005 no mercy 2005(casket match) slammy awards 2009