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How overweight do you have to be to be considered chubby?

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just overweight

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The menning of chubby?

Chubby is a term used to indicate someone is overweight. This can be a chubby cheeked baby or a chubby teen with baby fat.

Was Gerard way overweight?

He was a little chubby when he was younger

What is a word that's similar to fat?


Im 13 5'6 and 132 am i overweight?

No your tall. You might be chubby but chubby isn't over weight.

How much overweight do you have to be to be considered as chubby?

There is not a set weight because it is all based on a matter of opinion. Some people have a lot of muscle and weigh a lot, but they don't look chubby. While others do not have not as much muscle, they appear "chubby". All in all this is a question with no real answer.

What are synonyms for chubby?

Flabby, chunky, fat, overweight, blubbery.

What is a nother name for chubby?

Fat, overweight, obese, bariatric.

Who is a chubby boy?

There's no medical definition of "chubby". It would be somewhere between the point of a normal weight and the classification of being overweight.

What is slang for overweight?

Probably fat, big, heavy, huge, or chubby an dam

Is a 5 foot six inch 158 pound 13 year considered fat?

Slightly overweight. You're slightly on the chubby side, but you're technically not really fat. You're only slightly over the line between a healthy weight and overweight.

What BMI is considered overweight?

A BMI over 24.9 is considered to be in the overweight range.

What are the synonyms for fat?

Obese, overweight, chubby.Adj.: chunky, chubby, overweight, obese, heavy, big, big-boned, large, paunchy, potbellied, rotund, roly-poly, plump, pudgy, stout.Also, as a noun: grease, adipose tissue, lard.

Was Russell brand overweight?

He used to be chubby in his teens. Well his photo during his high school in his book, "My booky wook" shows that. He can't be called overweight.

How much fat must one have in their belly region to be considered having a chubby belly?

One can't just look at the belly region to decide if someone has a chubby belly. Weight and height are measured and calculated by one's doctor to determine if one is overweight, underweight or right where they should be.

Does a 13 year old girl who is 53 tall and weighs 132 considered chubby or fat?

well, er.. how can i say this.. it is overweight but you could just try eating healthier, less often, and exersicing.

What weight is considered medically overweight?

A body mass index of 25 or more is considered overweight. Your BMI depends on your height. For example, if you're 5'6", a weight of 159 or more is considered overweight.

What is another word for fat?

Overweight, Plump, Chubby, Stout, Portly, Obese, Heavy, Large, Big, Corpulent

Another word for fat?

Overweight, Plump, Chubby, Stout, Portly, Obese, Heavy, Large, Big, Corpulent,

What is obestiy?

The condition of being very fat or overweight. There are a few categories of weight...: scrawny Underweight skinny thin normal chubby overweight FATASS ^^ Obese At least its how I see them xD

What percentage of the world is overweight?

About 20% of the people in this world are considered overweight. About 7% of the worlds population is considered obese

Which BMI score listed below is considered overweight?

If you have a BMI over 24.9, you would be considered to be in the overweight range.

If you are 13 and weigh over 180lbs are you considered to be overweight?

considering the fact that if you have muscles or not, yes you are considered overweight but not obese

When are you considered fat?

Normally you are considered fat when your overweight.

What are the levels of fatness?

skinny, chubby, fat, overweight, obese, and the worst of all the deadly dinosaur fatness. - Brady Newcomb

Is an 11-year-old overweight if they are 4'11'' and 113 pounds?

I'm 11 and weigh around 97-100 that's not overweight. Overweight is bigger than people think. Your not even chubby, if you look good and your bones are good then your not.