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How painful is the first intercourse?

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February 01, 2009 4:02AM

I am assuming that you are asking from the perspective of a

woman who is having vaginal inercourse for the first time. The

experience can range from unpleasant to mildly painful to quite

painful with screaming and struggling on the part of the woman. It

has a lot to do with the man she is with. But even with the most

loving, patient, and skilled man the first sexual experience is

rarely enjoyable for the woman. The vagina of a virgin is a

collapsed, closed, muscular tube with a tiny opening for the

passage of menstrual blood. Entry of a fully erect penis for the

first time, especially if forced or without enough arousal on the

part of the woman is bound to be painful. Then there is the rupture

of the hymen which is a delicate membrane partially covering the

opening to the vagina. This causes bleeding as well as some pain as

hymen does have sensory nerve endings. The powerful thrusting of

the penis by the man who is usually very excited literally shakes

the woman's whole body. Some men put their entire weight on the

woman and squeeze her strongly especially as they are near orgasm.

All this can make for a painful first experience for a woman.

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