Credit and Debit Cards

How people shop without using cash?


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Credit/debit cards are more commonly used but you could use vouchers or a check

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Gaiagold.It's free, you get it when you surf and sell things.

you need to buy them in the cash shop. To buy it in the cash shop you need to get Nexon cash by using real money.

He has to manage the money in the shop. It includes receiving cash from customer and using cash for shop purposes. Generally he has to look after money management

You have to purchase it in the cash shop. Using Nx also known as Nexon Cash.

If your a Cygnus Knight, you can get one without using NXbut you have to get to level 50 and pay 10 mil to Lilin. Other than that, you have to have NX and buy it from the Cash shop.

You will not be able to using credit, but if you have the cash you could go into a shop and buy one.

i think you get it from gachapon using nx to buy a gachapon ticket at cash shop. but not always will give you. you can also get it by buying it from people or free market

If you sell to other people, then from cash you buy shop and use that

Yes, and no. You can play gaia without money, or to get more items you can pay with money to get gaia cash. If you do not want to pay for gaia cash, you don't have to, but you cannot shop in the gaia cash shop. That doesn't mean you can't shop it all, just not with gaia cash, you can still use gold in all the other shops. No, if chu wanta be a broke loser, bwahahahahaha!

You can buy it at the cash shop. The cash shop button is on the lower >> side.

To get a Pink Bean pet in MapleStory you'll have to buy a Cash Shop Surprise in the Nexon Cash Shop. Cash Shop Surprises are limited so they might not have them right now.

you have to buy it by going to the cash shop

To make fast cash as a homeless person, people can sell cans and the last of their possessions to the pawn shop.

A skunk is a pet you can get in the cash shop. There are also rabbits, monkeys, etc. in the cash shop available as pets.

Have you looked at - this is a digital pawn shop, a collector's corner and they are not expensive.

you can cash at Money shop, H & T, and cash generator

It is simple, all you have to do is go to the cash shop and just buy it by Paypal, Cherry credit or pay cash

If you have a check, you can first go to the bank and cash it. Then you can shop anyplace you want.

Go to the Cash Shop and press Check Cash. This will refresh any changes you made and should show your new Cash. If this doesn't work, go to the Nexon Website and log a support ticket.

Most of the time it is kept in a cash register.though some keep it in a vault.

You cannot, at least not at this time. The pink bean pet is permanent instead of most pets which last 90 days, so it is far harder to get. You can wait, and perhaps they will make it a normal pet eventually, but ATM the only way to get it is through cash shop surprise.

Cash Shop Pets > Pet use

Buy a world transfer item from the cash shop, it costs 20k Nexon Cash.

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