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How poor was government in Germany during holocaust?

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it depends upon which definition of poor you mean; do you mean it as a measure of wealth or a measure of quality.

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What conditions would lead to the spread of dysentery during the Holocaust?

the conditions that lead to dysentery were from poor conditions and from under heat

How were wealthy Jews treated different form poor Jews in the Holocaust?

In the Holocaust itself rich and poor Jews were treated alike: they were slaughtered. (One could not buy one's way out of the Holocaust).

What was the shelter like in the concentration camps during the Holocaust?

poor, it was reasonable polar, if you worked outside you would not see shelter all day.

Why did the Nazies want to kill the Jews?

After WW1, Germany was very poor. Hitler said he could make Germany a great country again. They put Hitler in charge and he wanted "Racial purity" so they killed all the Jews. It is known as The Holocaust.

What kind of government did Ireland have during the 1900's?

The Irish government was very poor and they didn't really have a president. Ireland was very poor so they had maybe a Mayer there wasnt any laws that the people followed

During the Great Depression of the 1930s the national government?

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the national government was in debt. They had to increase their spending for public services, such as food assistance because people were too poor.

What were the economic conditions in Germany during Hitler's rise to power?

The economic conditions in Germany during Hitler's rise to power was very poor. The country was suffering from high unemployment and the burden of the reparations it was to be paying to the Allied forces of World War I.

What was the condition of Germany before unification?

East Germany was economically backwards and most of the population were desperately poor. add to this the administration of an authoritarian government and an inability to leave you can imagine that things were not to comfortable for the majority of the people.

Why did East Germany want to go to West Germany?

they didn't, people wanted to go to west Germany because 1 it was a capitalist state 2 east Germany was a communist/satellite state controlled by the USSR and 3 hated living in a poor economy , being controlled by the government .

What are some reasons that the Germans started the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is a term used to refer to the genocide that the Nazi regime in Germany began. The intention was to purge German society of those races and people that were considered sub-standard and a drain on society. The poor, Jewish, Gypsies, Homosexuals and other groups considered sub-standard to the Aryan race were sent to concentration camps to 'clean up' the rest of Germany and the occupied countries.

How do the government help the poor?

the government helps the poor by taking our tax dollors and buying the poor food stamps,cell phones and alot more.

What did Germany go through at the end of the world war 1?

i believe that Germany went through a time of depression where everyone was very poor loose government and couldnt manufacture weapons or have an army that is until Hitler's rule

What were the conditions of the camps of the holocaust?

Poor the coniditon in the barracks where the prisoners slept was so poor people died from diseases. the SS officers had luxury rooms

What was the treatment of Japanese Americans during the World War 2?

Most of them were put into a concentration camp during the war. The conditions were poor, not as bad as in Germany, but still bad. They were treated like enemies.

What type of government does Bosnia and Herzegovina?

bosnia does not have a government because there to poor

How were wealthy Jews treated differently from poor Jews in the Holocaust?

Money made no difference. You couldn't buy yourself out of the Holocaust. The Nazis wanted to kill all Jews that they had control over.

Why did Germany got so poor after world war 1?

The reason Germany got poor was because of all the money they spent on weapons and other countries made them pay.

What factors allowed Hitler to become the dictator of Germany?

Germany was poor after ww1 so he blamed the jews

Are German people poor or rich?

Germany is a prosperous country.

Which economic function does the government use a process such as income redistribution to assist the poor or handicapped?

The government uses welfare programs and tax structures to redistribute wealth to assist the poor and handicapped. The government also invests money to subsidize education and amenities for the poor.

Is Russian federation a rich or a poor country?

The Russian Federation is currently in a bad state. The economy is in a state of unrest, and the government is powerless. The Russian Federation is equal to countries like Germany when its GNP is measured. However, for all intensive purposes, the coutry is a poor one.

If some countries are poor why are they poor?

they countries are poor because they are low on money or they don't have any money. some country are poor because the government are selfish

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