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How possible is it to become emancipated in the state of Colorado if you have a job?

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"Emancipated juvenile", as used in Colorado, means a juvenile over fifteen years of age and under eighteen years of age who has, with the real or apparent assent of the juvenile's parents, demonstrated independence from the juvenile's parents in matters of care, custody, and earnings. The term may include, but shall not be limited to, any such juvenile who has the sole responsibility for the juvenile's own support, who is married, or who is in the military.

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Can a ward of the state in Indiana get emancipated?

can a miner who was adopted from the state of indiana become emancipated

How can a minor get emancipated?

A minor can become emancipated by petitioning the court for it. State laws vary but most states allow minors to be become emancipated at age 16.

In NC are you emancipated from your parents when you become pregnant?

No, not in any state are you emancipated because you are pregnant or had a baby.

Is it possible to become emancipated in another state without your parents?

A minor can only petition for emancipation in the state in which they are a legal resident, so you can't just go to another state and do it.

Was Colorado a state in 1859?

No. Colorado didn't become a state until 1876.

What do you do to become emancipated?

First, you must live in a state that allows it.

Can you legally move out at 16 without being emancipated in the state of Colorado?

Only with parental consent.

Can a 17 year old become emancipated in the state of Mississippi?

There is no emancipation status in this state

What date did Colorado become a state?

Colorado became a state on august 1, 1876.

What number did the state Colorado become a state?


What region was Colorado to become a state?

The US Congress passed an enabling act on 03-Mar-1875, giving specific requirements for what was at the time, the Territory of Colorado, to become a state. The boundaries for the Territory of Colorado and the state of Colorado were identical.

Is it possible to get emancipated at 16?

Certainly. If you live in a state that allows emancipation, not all of them do. Most will consider you emancipated if you get married (not pregnant, married!).

What order did the state Colorado become a state?

Colorado became the 38th US State on 1 August 1876.

Is Colorado the centennial state?

True. Colorado was the only Territory to become a State in 1876 and is known as the Centennial State.

Can a minor be emancipated from one parents without being emancipated from the other?

you need to be 14 to be emancipated. yes it is possible, but you need to make that clear when you state your case, and to the parent you want to 'keep'. 16 to be emancipated from both.

How can you become financially emancipated at the age of 22 in the state of PA?

At 22 you are all ready emancipated since you became an adult at 18.

How do you get emancipated in the state of MO?

How do you get emancipated in the state of Missouri?

I'm emancipated by marriage can I sign a legal binding contract in the state of Colorado?

Yes, you can sign a binding contract.

Can you become emancipated from your parents at age 14 in New York State?

No, you cannot.

When did Colorado become a sate?

Colorado became a state on Agust 2, 1876

If your state doesn't allow you to be emancipated can you be emancipated in another state?


Is a 17 year old legally emancipated once he is married in the state of Colorado?

Yes he is but he can not legally vote or drink yet.

Can a Seventeen year old become emancipated in the state of Tennessee?

Tennessee does not have an emancipation statute.

Why did Colorado earn the nickname of the centennial state?

Colorado became a state in 1876. In that year, America was celebrating its centennial (or its 100th birthday) and Colorado was the only state to officially become a state in that year

Legal age to rent apartment in Washington state?

The legal age is 18 unless you are an emancipated minor. To become an emancipated minor, you have to fill out a form.