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5000 pounds per square inch

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Q: How powerful is a crocodiles bite?
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Which has the most powerful bite between a crocodiles or hippo?


How are crocodiles harmful?

They have a huge bite, powerful claws and a strong tail to whip things with.

How powerful is a crocodiles bite force?

about 5ooo pounds or 2500 kilograms per square inch

Is a bears bite is the strongest in the world?

No. The Great White Shark is the animal with the strongest bite force in the world. Even alligators and crocodiles have a more powerful bite force than a bear.

Who has a stronger jaw bite lions or crocodiles?


Can crocodiles bite you underwater?


How do crocodiles protect themselves?

Crocodiles can use their tails for protection, but their main form of defence is to bite attackers with their powerful jaws, equipped with sharp teeth to penetrate and hold on. Research indicates that crocodiles have a bite comparable to the low end of the power that T Rex was estimated to have. As crocodiles are apex predators, at the top of their food chain, they have minimal need to protect themselves from other predators.

How do saltwater crocodiles attack?

they bite!

How does a crocodile defend its self?

Crocodiles have a very powerful bite. Also they can 'whip' their tails round - in order to try and knock a predator off their feet.

Which dog has the most powerful bite?

pitbull has the powerful bite

Why are crocodiles interesting?

crocodiles arre interesting because it could bite your bum off

Do crocodiles or alligators bite harder?

crocodiles bite harder. if you throw a watermelon at a crocs mouth, he will shatter it. if you do the same with the alligator, it will do plenty if damage, but will not shatter it.

Which has more bite force an alligator or a crocodile?

Both have a very strong bite, but Crocodiles have a stronger bite.

Do crocodiles have sharp claws?

All large crocodiles have sharp and powerful claws.

Does the crocodile have the strongest bite?

yes crocodiles have the strongest bite of any living animal

Who has a stronger jaw bite humans or crocodiles?


What has a stronger bite force sharks or crocodiles?

A crocodile.

How powerful is a Tyrannosaurus Rex jaw?

Tyrannosaurus rex is believed to have had one of the most powerful bite forces of any animal to ever exist. Estimates found its bite force to range between 35,000 and 57,000 newtons. That is three to three and a half times greater than the bite force of sharks and crocodiles, and way more than that of lions. It is enough bite force to break a Triceratops's horn!

How big are a crocodiles teeth?

crocodiles teeth are a bit long. well they can bite through a lot of human flesh.

Why do crocodiles bite people?

Yes crocodiles do bite people why? Some people temp the animals to attack or get to close to them. Some may attack out of defense and some may just be hungry.

Does a hyena possess a powerful bite?

Yes, this animal has a very powerful bite to chew through bone.

How do crocodiles hold prey underwater?

with their powerful jaws.

How do crocodiles affect humans?

If they bite a human which is unlikely, the person can be hurt.

Do crocodiles bite their masters?

yes all the time. they do it to try and assert dominance. Crocodiles have no masters, no matter what stupid humans think. The fact that a crocodile will bite anyone and anything it chooses is proof enough of that.

Is a tiger stronger than a crocodile?

Crocodiles are stronger and much larger. Crocodiles have 3-6 times the bite force a tiger has.