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Q: How quiet is the office pro Keurig coffee maker?
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Keurig B60 Coffee Maker?

Keurig B60 Review - Good and BadEvery coffee connoisseur on the planet is probably aware of Keurig and their phenomenal coffee machines by now. Regardless of whether or not you prefer the cafe experience when it comes to enjoying your brew, it's always nice to have the option of enjoying top-notch coffee in the comfort of your own home. The Keurig B60 is an amazingly powerful coffee machine with loads of style and dozens of features that's also incredibly easy to use.The B60 employs 1500W of power to deliver piping hot coffee in under 10 seconds. It has three brew sizes programmed in by default that you can choose from, and features a 48 oz. reservoir. This is a single serving coffee maker which brews in 5.25 oz., 7.25 oz. and 9.25 oz. quantities, so there's no pot included with the machine. You can also use Keurig's own proprietary K-cups if you prefer. The quality of the B60's construction is evident from the first time you use it. It's solid, quiet, and fast while requiring little maintenance.One of the biggest selling points of the B60 is its reliability. The B60 makes perfect coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and any other hot drink you can think of every time. When it requires cleaning, it'll actually alert you with its advanced control panel. On top of all those positive attributes, the B60 is the perfect compromise between cheaper, less rugged models and more expensive top of the line coffee machines. If you want an outstanding coffee maker that's not exorbitantly expensive but still delivers results consistently, the B60 is for you.

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