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yes Its one of the rarest pokemons and i have a wailord card.

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Q: How rare is wailord?
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Where can you catch wailord on sapphire?

Wailord's pretty rare,but surf between mossdeep and Pacifidlog untill you found it.

Can you get wailord with out evolving it from wailmer in ruby?

Yes but its rare.

Where to get a wailord in Pokemon sapphire?

They are rare if you surf on Route 129. It's much easier to catch a Wailmer and evolve it into Wailord.

Where to catch a wild wailord in Pokemon Emerald?

You can just catch it in any body of water, if you're lucky. Wailord are rare.

Where do you get a wailord in soul silver?

Wailord is extremely rare but u can get him in your pokewalker or u can try ur chances with the swirl islands.

Where do get Wailord in Pokemon Ruby?

You can find it in Route 129 but it is rare.

How rare is a wailord ex Pokemon card?

It is one of the rarer cards.

Where do you find Wailord in Platinum?

On the route below the Pokemon League. Rare though.

Is it possible to catch wailord already evolved?

Yes its really rare though.

Where do you find wailord in Pokemon black?

Very Rare in Undella Bay or evolve Wailmer.

Where do wild wailord appear?

In ruby, sapphire, or emerald, wild wailord appear on route 129 by surfing around. They are very rare though ( 1%), so be prepared!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps!

Pokemon Emerald where to find wailord?

route 215 super rod vey rare, 2% encounter rate

Where to catch wailord in Pokemon emerald?

You can catch Wailord while surfing through Route 129 however it's a rare Pokemon additionally you can find Wailmer in locations such as Mossdeep City, Ever Grande City, Dewford Town and Lilycove City and then you can evolve it at Level 40 which will cause it to evolve into Wailord.

Is wailord good?

Wailord is awesome!!

What is bigger wailord or diglet?


What does wailord evolve into?

Wailord doesn't envolve

How do you get the hm dive in pokemon diamond?

Dive is not an HM anymore. You can catch a Wailord (route 230 w/ Super Rod; Rare)

Does it have to be wailord and relicanth?

Yes, it always has to be Wailord and Relicanth - Relicanth in the first slot and Wailord in the last in Ruby and Sapphire, and Wailord in the first slot and Relicanth in the last in Emerald.

How do you get wailord in Pokemon Black?

wailord is in undella bay

What hp does wailord have at level 100?

wailord lv 50 =hp180-250 wailord lv100 =hp400-600 wailord increased hp per lv +5/6

How do you catch a wailord in platinum?

You can catch level 40-55 Wailords with the super rod at Route 223 and Route 230, but the chance of a landing Wailord on your super rod is very rare, at 5%. Level 30-40 Wailmers are much more common, at 30%. To save time, catch a Wailmer with a super rod and train it to level 40 and it will evolve into a Wailord.

Where is wailord on Pokemon sapphire?

you need to evolve wailmer in order to get wailord

Is wailord or Groudon larger?

Wailord is the largest Pokemon followed by groudon.

How do you get wailord in pokemon white?

get wailmer and level it up in battle and you will have a wailord.

Where to find a wild wailord in Pokemon ruby?

You cannot catch Wailord. You can, however, catch Wailmer, which evolve into Wailord starting at level 40.

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