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Recycling is a global industry that not only reduces landfill residuel waste but is also used for other products that is made from the used commodity. The 3 r's are Reduse - Reuse - Recycle.

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Q: How recycling affects people globally?
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What did the affects of the 2007 floods have on people?

People Built New Stronger Flood Barriers And Started Recycling .

What affects do recycling have on the watershed?


How not recycling metal affects the environment?

by polluting

How does not recycling affect the world?

it affects the world cause you are throwing it away and when you can recycling thing and make them new

How can recycling help people extend resources?

by recycling resources

Should people be fined for not recycling?

No because recycling is a choice

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Should people should be fined for not recycling?

No because recycling is a choice

What are three counter arguments for recycling?

Recycling may cost costly. Examples, the separation of bins (aluminum cans, plastic water bottles, paper etc.), the work to recycle is done under dangerous conditions that affects the health of the people working in the factories.

How do people in Bangladesh recycle?

it's mostly poor people who recycle they sell the recycling items to people with recycling systems

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How recycling is like mutualism?

Recycling, like mutualism, helps people and animals.

Are people recycling enough?


What do people have to say about why they disagree with recycling?

Some people do not recycle things as they do not earn money by doing so. People do not take the incentive to do so as recycling is just hard work for them. And sometimes people like to use the objects instead of recycling.

What does recycling involve?

recycling involve people helping keep trash and wast out of ur water and airrecycling involve people helping keep trash and wast out of your water and air!!!!!!

Why do people not like recycling?


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How many people recycle?

Nobody know just how many people recycle, but I hope that soon, everyone will!A:f you are talking about the U.S, we have a 77% rate(recycling alone) compared to other countries that have a 7% recycling rate. A:Okay listen up whowever is reading this. nobody knows how many people are recycling. Tonnes of people are recycling.

How long have people been recycling?

People have been recycling for years and hopefully in the future so the old things can become new things and trash dont pile up KEEP UP THE RECYCLING

Negative effects on recycling paper?

There are a handful of negative effects of recycling paper. Recycling paper is very expensive and some people either cannot afford this recycling or do not see it being worth the cost.

What does the future hold for recycling?

The future of recycling can go in one of two ways. If people are getting paid to recycle recycling will go up, but if people are not getting paid it will likely dwindle to very few who recycle.

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