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Q: How rubies are extracted and purified?
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How is extracted insulin purified?

Extracted insulin is usually purified by recrystallisation from solutions in the presence of ZnCl2.

How is the element cobalt extracted and purified?

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How are rubies extracted?

By mining the same as any gemstone

How is the raw material for glass extracted and purified?

how is the subastance glass extracted for use

How is iodine extracted and purified?

its extracted from the ancient baya tree, found in the hill tops of the himalayas. And purified by meow mix cat food

A purified nutrient that is manufactured or extracted from natural resources?


Are all ores extracted first before they are purified?

Well, you have to get them from someplace. They have to be extracted from the ground before they can be processed.

Why might extracted copper need to be purified?

Extracted copper contains many impurities which may change the properties of copper besides decreasing its tensile strength,ductility etc.Hence it needs to be purified.

How is element mercury purified or extracted?

Mercury is extracted from cinnabar by heating and collecting the vapors. In factories, the rock is ground up into a fine powder which is then heated.

Who does transistors relate to chemistry?

transistor are materials they have to be extracted and purified this relies on chemistry and material science

What happens to iron once it had been extracted and purified?

it gets turned into our everyday life utesils

How do transistors relate to chemistry?

Transistors are made of materials. They have to be extracted and purified. This relies on chemistry and Materials Science.

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