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The 'Pull-out Method' is not a good form of birth control.

You are at risk of becoming pregnant if you continue to use (that method) of birth control.

Condoms are the best option that we have.

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Q: How safe is pull out when not on birth control?
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If you take birth control pill after sex will you be safe?

To be safe you have to follow the directions on the birth control.

How can you have intercourse without becoming pregnant?

condom and birth control.......... but just to be safe pull out b4....... well you know

What if you dont pull out and am on birth control?

If you are having unprotected sex, there will always be a chance of pregnancy.The "Pull-Out" method is not a good means for birth control.To be safe & surer, us a condom.They are 99% effective.

Is it safe to consume alcohol while on birth control?

Yes, it is safe. Alcohol consumption will not effect the efficacy of the birth control.

Is Yaz birth control a safe contraception method?

As safe as any birth control pill 99.9% if taken as instructed.

How safe is the pull out method when on birth control?

If you're on Birth Control and using the Withdrawal Method then you're at the very least as safe as you would be on Birth Control. If you look at it as a percentage though... Less sperm in the vagina reduces the possibility of pregnancy and Birth Control lessens the possibility of Pregnancy as well. So, in effect, you're safer. -Note: The Withdrawal Method is not an effective form of contraceptive.

What medication's are not safe to take with birth control?

antibiotics can lead to the birth control not working.

Is it safe to take off the birth control patch?

it isnt safe totake of the birth control patch because it can ruin your birth ans you can catch hrepies

Does Midol affect the birth control pill?

Yes it is completely safe and will not interfere with your birth control.

If your taking birth control and having safe sex can you get pregnant?

Yes. No birth control is 100% safe. The pill used with a condom is the best one.

Birth control patch or rhythm method?

The 'rhythm method' is not safe sex or effective as a birth control.

Is the pull out method needed with Mirena?

You don't need to use the pull out method when you are using birth control because the birth control should prevent you from getting pregnant

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