How safe is to clean internally with water?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How safe is to clean internally with water?
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Do you detox or clean you body internally?

You do not clean your body internally. Instead, you detox.

Is it safe to clean a tow infection with hot salt water?

Yes. It is safe to clean an infected toe with hot salt water.

Which has the least impact on the environment?

using a safe fountain for clean drinking water

Is the water safe to drink?

sometimes water may be clean after boiling but not all

Why do you clean water?

So its safe to drink and there's no toxic

Is the drinking water clean in Japanese schools?

Yes, Japanese tap water is safe.

How readily available is Fresh clean water in Ethiopia?

In rural areas, 87% of people have no access to safe water. In the cities, 27% cannot get clean water.

What is clean and safe water?

it may have you agood water if it good or have an hazard ways to youif it bad

Can you use frankincense oil internally?

You can use frankincense internally being that it is safe and has few known side effects.

Is Scotland's water clean?

Scotland has some of the cleanest water in the world! The tap water is very safe to drink.

Does Great Britain have access to safe clean drinking water?

Yes, the water out of every tap in Britain is safe to drink, as per government regulations.

Is it safe to eat fish caught in the water of Leith Edinburgh?

yes if you clean it