How satellite works and how is satellite?

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Satellite TV is delivered by the means of communication satellite and received by a satellite dish and set-top box connected to the television set.

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Q: How satellite works and how is satellite?
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Satellite communication works through?

If you're looking for a general overview of satellite communications and how it works, visit

What is the meaning of satellite rights?

An author has the exclusive right to authorise or to prohibit the broadcasting of his or her works by satellite

How does the Internet work in ships?

It works by satellite communciation.

How communication satellite works?

Try this website for all the information:

Will xbox live work on a satellite internet connection?

Yes, I have satellite and it works fine as long as its fast

How does Satellite transmission work?

Satellite transmission works uses a repeater station that is placed in orbit usually with the region it serves

Is cable television related to satellite technology?

no, cable tv works with a whole different process, where as satellite tv would be using satellite technology, so basically no is your answer !

Is there a company that sells a homing device used to locate personal belongings that works off a satellite?

Try It is a homing device for lost articles such as keys, glasses etc. Not sure if it works off a satellite. Who cares, as long as it works.

What is the frequency range in satellite communication?

The satellite transponder typically works in either the C-band (4-8GHz) or the Ku-band (12-18GHz) and these are for the downlink (from the satellite to the earth station).

What is satellite station?

ANSWER:(Satellite station) A broadcast relay station, relay transmitter, broadcast translator (U.S.), re broadcaster (Canada).HOPE IT WORKS

Where you used the satellite phone?

A satellite phone can be used practically anywhere. It does not require a cellphone tower, but instead a satellite, which are available all over the world. A satellite phone works in Antarctica, so you would probably be able to use it wherever you need to go.

Does Sirius satellite radio work in Jamaica?

Yes. You pay for the subscription and it works in Jamaica.

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