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They use satalites to look at areas of high and low pressure and therefore can predict the path of the tsunami. Also whoever wrote that answer before this should be banned from this site, it was uncalled for.

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Q: How scientists predict tsunamis?
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Can scientists predict tsunamis?

yes ,through tsunami alarm system

How do scientists predict tsunamis?

they use satellites to see if there is high or low pressure.

What do scientists do to predict tsunamis?

they predict other natural disasters like earthquakes and see if the trembles will reach the other side of the ocean causing a tsunami.

What tools do scientists use to predict a tsunami?

they use computers to track the tsunamis and they also use a special tool called a seismograph ----

Have scientists improved on the science of using earthquake shock waves to predict tsunamis?

um i was asking that so yeah you need 2 tell me what it is

How can scientists predict tsunamis will reach land?

The tsunami will have it's speed and direction measured, then the distance to the nearest landmass in the tsunami's path is measured.

What do scientist use to predict a tsunami?

They use a seismograph to predict tsunamis.

Why are tsunamis difficult to predict?

Tsunamis are difficult to predict because the earthquakes that cause them are difficult to predict. It takes a massively powerful earthquake to displace the amount of water needed to cause a tsunami.

Can scientists predict the future?

I belive that scientists can predict the future

How can scientists predict natural disasters such as volcanoes?

Some natural disasters can be predicted to a limited degree, while others cannot. We can make warnings about volcanic eruptions, storms, ans tsunamis, but we cannot predict earthquakes.

How can tsunamis be predicted?

If the earthquake is carefully monitored, the tsunami's wave size and arrival time can be roughly predicted, but as scientists cannot predict earthquakes, it makes it difficult.

Can scientists predict when a hurricane will arrive?

yes scientists can predict when a hurricane will come.

What do scientists use to measure tsunamis?


Do scientists measure tsunamis from space?

Yea they do =)

Why is it important to study about tsunamis?

it is important to study about tsunamis so that we can take precautions to save ourself and can predict when a tsunami will come.

What kind of instruments do scientists use to predict and measure earthquakes?

My Answer is that scientists can not predict earthauakes to the exsact date

When do scientists predict mount vesuvius will erupt again?

Scientists cannot predict when a volcano will next erupt.

How can scientists predict when these el nino's will occur and how strong they will be?

how do scientists predict when el nino will occur and how strong will it be

Can a seismograph predict a hurricane?

No. Seismographs detect (but do not predict) earthquakes, which have absolutely nothing to do with hurricanes. They can be used to predict potential tsunamis and volcanic eruptions however.

Is it possible to predict tsunamis?

The ability to predict a tsunami is still in its earliest stages. Predictors range from primitive visual cues to complex satellite data. The best place to predict tsunamis is in an area where earthquakes are likely, and relatively close to a large body of water.

What are some ways people are trying to prevent tsunamis?

People are not trying to prevent tsunamis because scientists know tsunamis cannot be prevented.

How long till scientists predict worldwide that coal reserves will last?

Scientists predict that it will last 155 years.

How do earthquakes work?

It is not possible to predict an earthquake yet. But many scientists believe animals can predict earthquakes. Before the 2004 earthquake (that trigged the massive tsunamis) reports of elephants becoming restless and running to high ground came about, and pets refusing to go outside, etc. If a major earthquake happens, aftershocks can occur for months, but still scientists cannot predict when or how strong or even where the exact location of the aftershock will be.

How do scientists predict floods?

By weather forcasting of Met. Scientists

How do scientist predict tsunamis?

they use satellites to see if there is high or low pressure.