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Q: How should a letter of withdrawal mailed?
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How can you tell where a letter was mailed from if there is no return address?

There should be red marking on the front of the envelope called a postmark, it should name the city & state of the mail processing center the letter was sent from. This is not necessarily where it was mailed from, just where it was processed.

Does a letter need a stamp if mailed in the us?

Yes. Every letter mailed in the US needs a stamp.

What is the direct object in Leo mailed James a letter?

The direct object of the verb 'mailed' is a letter.The noun 'James' is the indirect object of the verb (mailed a letter to James)

How much postage to Germany for a letter?

The size of the letter and where it is being mailed from are important factors. If it is being mailed from California, the price would be very different from if it was being mailed from Japan.

How long will it take a letter to be mailed to Mississippi from Indiana if it was mailed on Tuesday?

3 days

What happens if you spell something wrong in a business letter?

First, it will reflect badly on the company if mailed. Second, you should re-type the letter.

When are w2s mailed out?

W-2 forms are supposed to be mailed by the end of January. That doesn't mean that you will always have it by then but they should be mailed by then.

If a letter is mailed from 85282 where is that?

Tempe, Arizona

What is the action verb in this sentence I mailed a letter to your friend Roxanne?

Mailed ... it's the past tense of the action verb, mail as in to 'mail a letter.'

How long does a letter mailed from Virginia to Florida take to arrive?

A letter mailed from Virginia to Florida should not take more than 2 to 3 days to arrive. Most of the mail today is sent by truck from one place to another.

You live in Antwerp OH you mailed a letter to Tampa FL how many days should it take?

Half a week at most

How long does it take for a letter mailed from Oregon to get to Hawaii?

First Class mail should arrive in three to five days.

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