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Where is certified placed on envelope

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Q: How should a mailing notation be keyed on an envelope?
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What displays both text and numerical data as keyed?

by texting the key

What is the wpm score for the following paragraph keyed in one minute?

0 wpm since there is no following paragraph and so zero words in it.

Where can you find step by step instructions on how to remove the ignition lock and cylinder on a 2001 Saturn L200?

THIS IS HOW TO FIX IT disconect battery Take the cover off the colum just behind the steering wheel then put key in the lock and turn it all the way on like you were tring to start it at the same time take a small pick or VERY small screwdiver and push in the hole just above the lock cylind toworards the back of were you think the back of the lock is remimber the lock is only 2.5 inches long the pick should push the locking tab on the lock down and just pull out you must hold the locking tab down as you pull out then take the lock to the dealer to get a new one to be keyed they must have the old one to do so and your keys cost between $30 to be rebuit and $70 for a new one get the new one

Can a double headed quarter be real?

Not if it is a modern coin. Modern coin minting equipment has the obverse (heads) and the reverse (Tails) dies "keyed" meaning that you can't insert an obverse die where the reverse die goes and vice versa. Because of it, it is impossible to have what most people think of a double headed coin. It is however possible to have what is known as a "Brockage" error where a coin gets stuck to the die and then the coin acts as a die for the next coin. This would mean that a coin could have 2 heads, but one side would be a reverse image of the other side.

Does a real Double tails quarter exist?

No. They're all privately-made novelty items. In fact, the Mint uses dies that are "keyed" so a tails-side die cannot be put into the heads side of a press, precisely to prevent anyone from creating a real double-sided coin. Please use this site's Search feature to look for the word DOUBLE and you'll find hundreds of similar questions. double-tailed quarter has been certified as a real mint error. See related link to the Coin World article.

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How do you check approval on a keyed-in transaction?

There should be instructions for how to check in approval on a keyed in transaction. Often there will be an "enter" button, or a you will be prompted to hit the pound key.

List the four parts of a memorandum heading and how each should be keyed?

From, to, date, subject

When was Keyed Up created?

Keyed Up was created in 1983.

What is G in Bb keyed instrument for a C keyed instrument?


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Answer:yes, or at least it SHOULD be the same. if not then you will need to get your trunk re-keyed unless you got a trunk pop button or a different key.

How do I get the key code for a 2006 kenworth t600?

Call a Kenworth dealership, give them the last six of the VIN. They should be able to tell you what it was keyed for from the factory - if it was re-keyed at any point, they won't know.

Can a new hatch lock be keyed to match doors on a 1970 beetle?

Locksmith should be able to do this

Where can you get free pre keyed effects?

you can get free pre keyed fotttage at

How should the guide- words in a memorandum be keyed?

The guide-words in a memorandum should be keyed in all capital letters and aligned with the left margin to make them stand out and assist readers in quickly locating certain sections or information within the document.

How do you spell miss-keyed?

You speed the word as 'miskeyed'. When you put the prefix with the word keyed, you do not use the two 's' as when you say the word 'miss'.

The top margin of an outline should be keyed how many inches from the top of the page?

The top margin of an outline should be keyed 2 inches from the top of the page.

A work of art comprised mostly of dark-valued colors is said to be -keyed?