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The color of drapes that one puts up should be decided based on the color of the walls, the color of the flooring, and/or the general color scheme of the room. Design is fairly subjective, so it is ultimately up to one's judgement to decide what looks good.

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Q: How should one decide on the color of drapes to put up?
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Where can one find good deals on drapes and curtains?

You can find good deals on drapes and curtains online at stores such as Macy's. Alternatively, you can also get good deals on drapes and curtain from retailers such as Amazon and Overstock.

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Where can one find information about curtains and drapes?

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When you move should you take the draperies with you?

Lots to consider here. Are you moving out of a place that you are renting, or selling? If renting, did you buy the drapes? If selling, does the sales agreement mention the drapes and other window dressings? Are the windows in the new place the same size? If the windows are bigger, you may want to check if the drapes are going to cover them. Will the drapes match the decor in your new residence, or are you going to use the drapes as the basis on which you redecorate? Just how attached are you to the drapes?AnswerIn my experience, drapes don't move from one house to another that well since it requires time and effort to make them fit to the new windows. I took two sets from a house in Florida to Texas; used one that I cut down and the other rotted in the attic. If you sell the house, it is best to leave them unless you have stated that they do not stay with the house in the sales agreement.

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There are a few stores that specialize in customized curtains and drapes. Some of these stores include Victory Blind, Drape Style and Drapery Toronto.

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For the width, measure the length of the track or pole and add an inch for overlap in the middle. The height should be measured from the top of the track or the small metal ring for a pole.

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