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How should we take care of hard disk?


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protect your computer from having virus by using anti virus softwares


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By making sure you don't overfill it with data. Also keeping your computer clean by using administrative tools such as disk defragmenter will keep your hard disk functioning well and can even improve the speed of the computer.

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pls tell some idea to take backup of virus infeced hard disk

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don't drop it...think of it as RAM

in your hard drive, just dismantle your computer and take out the hard disk

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To partition, erase, repair, get information or change the name of an external hard drive, use Disk Utility. Many of these operations will cause all the information on the hard drive to be lost. Take care!

Most people would probably not enjoy a song about hard disk recovery unless it was funny or some type of advertisement. Perhaps the lyrics could be "If you need a fix for your hard disk, then bring it in and don't take a risk!"

You cant, but you could take out the hard disk put it in a caddy and attach it to another computer as a second disk.

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disk defragmenter pieces fragmented memory in the hard drive of the computer in question back together to speed computer performance. if u r trying to do this on a personal computer, then it doesnt matter at all. but u should run disk cleanup first or it may take awhile to defragment.

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512mb of ram and 2gigs of hard disk

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RAM stores frequently used data from the hard disk. This is necessary as the hard disk is many times slower than RAM, which means it will take much more longer for the computer to read the data.

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