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Because ti is the good fit whst i have been is the service oriented industry.there is a lot of growth,,and i like to serve peple.

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Q: How should you answer if asked why you have chosen to work in a hotel?
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Reasons why you want to work in a hotel?

When you are asked for the reasons you want to work in a hotel, you could say that you enjoy meeting new people. You could also say that you find hotel work interesting, each day is different.

Why do you want to work in my hotel and why should i hire you?

I want to work in this hotel because from what i researched i find it interesting that this hotel is over in 82countries you should hire me because i am sure i would be a good employee to make a difference in the team

How many employees should work in a small hotel?

about 35

What about employee in marriott hotel in Canada?

i revieve email from mrriott hotel tells me i can work in this hotel in Vancouver in Canada and they send me application and asked me to fill it and send my application to Canadian immegration and i do wat they asked me i want wo ask is that real can i enter Canada and work in marriott hotel like this or not thaey send me from this email: just i wanna to know is this true or fake i don't wanna to lose my only dream to enter my dream land

What makes you think you can work in our hotel?

Your interviewers do not want some random reply from an anonymous person on the internet - they want YOU to say why you think you should work at their hotel. Be honest and tell them.

Why you work in each hotel only for 6 months?

What?? Work each hotel? Are you lock cracked?! Why would you work each hotel anyway?!

Jobs in sumimoto industries ltd?

Please contact the local office of the company. You should be asked what sort of work you can do. You should ask what work is available

Where can you work if you are 15?

you can work at a hotel

What can be asked in interview of step program in oberoi hotel?

A person conducting an interview for a hotel can ask any number of questions. These may include things like your work experience, what you have to offer the company, how you see yourself as an employee and more.

Which installation option should be chosen when the current operating system is too damaged to work properly?


What made you decide to pursue a career in a call center?

You should know your reasons for pursing the line of work that you have chosen. If you choose to work in a call center, you should have strong communications skills.

What does it take to be a good hotel employee?

In order to be a good hotel employee you must be ready to work long hours. You should also have good customer service skills.

Where might a pet lover think that their dog should be allowed?

Store Restaurant Park Hotel Work

When applying for job in US and Canada. what should i choose when asked are you authorised to work?

The truth

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Why do you want to work for costa coffee?

When you are asked why you want to work for Costa Coffee, you should give your best attributes. You need to convince the interviewer that you are an asset to the company that they should hire.

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Clean install.

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Yes they should.Why should men/boys just be allowed to work?This question shouldn't even be asked.

Why do you want to work for menchies?

When you asked during a job interview why you want to work for Menchies, you are simply being asked to market yourself. You should highlight any relevant experience that you may have and your achievements in the recent past.

Why doesn't the Habbo Hotel phone line work?

Sometimes the line just wont work. It should come back on unless there is a major problem

Why did you choose to work in trade and investment company?

Actually the company asked the question why should i joint there company

What is the work in room service in hotel?

I want to know how to prepare the hotel room

Why do you want to work in the hotel industry?

hotel industry is a booming industry.developeing industry

Why were the followers of Jesus chosen?

Jesus had chosen his disciples, to work and spread the word after he died.

Is it true that people who work in the hotel industry have to work even during holidays such as Chinese new year and Christmas?

How many people work in the hotel industry