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There are several different ways to prank your friends and could be a simple as a whoopee cushion to as elaborate as an electronic contraption designed to annoy your friend at your will. All it takes is some imagination, or access to sites that give you ideas. Just remember, the element of surprise is your greatest factor that will affect your results from pranking.

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Q: How should you prank your friends?
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What is a website you can use to prank call your friends with your own prank?

oovoo.You can make a name like freddy kruger and if you pay you can yes prank call your friends.

What if your friends played a harmless prank onyour friends saying you are dating some one. But they played a prank on you saying that they are having a baby when they are 13.Should i be mad at them?

of course! they r evil. never b there friend again. find better friends. -hanna

What kind of prank can you pull on friends?

any prank ; phone calls (silly ones and bugging ones) or add them to prank pratrol on cbbc

Did Michael Jackson ever do prank calls?

A few friends have said he would prank call them and put on different voices.

Should your friends have your boyfriends number Should they contact him without your knowledge Does it matter if your friends are male or female contacting him?

Your friends should only have your boyfriends number if he is ok with it, otherwise they will go all out with the prank calling and it will eventually drive him away. Ask him if its ok if a few of your friends have his number otherwise dont give it out. It doesnt matter what gender...

How do you prank call your friends?

put *67 in front of your friend's number.

What is a good prank for a 7 year old?

One that wont make him/her cry or feel abused or embaresed or sad like waterbomb on the head by dropping/throwing it out of the window (dont let anyone see this but people in on the prank (friends should not be in this group) and you).

What should I say when prank calling a Chinese resaraunt?

The new laws state that prank calling is illegal!

Do you play prank with friends and parents?

Yes. It brings fun time into memory.

What is a good prank to pull on friends?

Hold your friends nose while he's sleeping, then let go when he wakes up

What tricks can you play on friends?

Whoope cushion is always a good classoc one to prank them with.

What should you say after a prank?

Lol i got you boi!!!!!

What is the name of the TV show where people prepare pranks to friends?

Walk the prank is a good show.

What could i do to prank my brother at night?

I don't think that is a good idea. Yes, pranking can be fun sometimes but other times, you can hurt someones feelings. But if you really want to prank your brother then you should do a prank that is fun and funny for the whole family. Even to the person you put the prank on. But don't come up with a prank that can really hurt someone.

What is a prank how do you prank?

how to prank step one go to prank patrols web address on prankpatrolrodetrip.comand you are done!

What prank can I pull on my elementary school friends?

Pranks on schools are a bad idea that can only lead to no good.

How do you prank text someone?

Put your underwear over your head and say "Hahahaha prank prank text ah prank prank test baby!"

How do send a video to disney's prank stars?

well i looked every where and i can only find information on Disney's prank stars and you should find something

Should you call the cops if im being prank called but you know who it is?


What kind of prank should you pull on your mom?

That depends if you want to get into trouble or not.

What should I text my roommate from a different number to prank her?

So she doesn't no its you

Should you wear your sisters clothes as a prank?

No its not really funny there's no point to it and your sister would probably either be mad or not even care (not a good prank)

Do people who prank only do it on Halloween?

Most people who prank will prank all year long. However, some people who prank will only prank if they are not given treats at Halloween.

What is meaning of prank in marathi?


How do you pull a better prank when your friends pull prank love letters to you?

Do the same prank back. make up a whole diffrent person. but better. make a fake facebook write notes and call with a number he wouldn't now and call that person. so other words be a fake stalker!!:D