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Q: How should you ship fresh figs fruit?
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Why do sailers get scurvy?

Sailers get scurvy because the is a lack of vitermin C and there is no fresh fruit on the ship.

Can you ship food from US to Jamaica?

it depends what food it is if it is fruit then no because it is to fresh, but that all depends how it is transported!

Why scurvy was prevalent among the sailors?

scurvy was prevalant among the sailors, as they spent months on board a ship without fresh vegetables and fruit. this lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, meant a lack of vitamin c. a deficiency of vitamin c is what causes scurvy.

How is fruit transported?

fruit is transported by machines in factories that ship them from different places.

Is there a company that does juice delivery?

Yes, there is a company called that delivers juice. They ship fresh juice and carry a wide selection of fruit and vegetables which you can have juiced to your liking.

Where does a cruise ship get fresh water?

They get it from a desalination plant onboard a mighty fine ship.

What do you call a toilet on a pirate ship?

fresh water

Why did Mary celeste was called as a ghost ship?

because the people on the Mary Celeste disappeared off the ship when people called to greet them there was fresh food and fresh water and he only rode on the ship with his family members and six people that work on the ship

How so you get Ronald to open Paradise Orchard on harvest oon magical melody?

You need to plant any fruit tree then, wait until it bears fruit. Than simply ship the fruit ans Paradise Orchard should be moved in.

Why would it be dangerous for a fully loaded ship to travel from the sea into fresh river water?

because the fresh wter has less boyancy and the weight of the ship would pull it down

Where should you board a ship?

You should board a ship when it is in port at the dock.

Will a ship ride higher in inland freshwater lake or in the ocean?

Ocean. The ship will ride higher in salt water than fresh in water. There is a load line on the side of ships to tell you how deep you can load the ship. You can load the ship deeper if it is in fresh water because it will come up when it gets to the ocean.

Why a ship sinks more in fresh water than sea water?

Becuz the sea water hold the ship up more

What kind of cargo was on Marco polos ship?

chicken fruit people you and maybe me

Why is it easy for ship to sink in fresh water than in sea water?

A ship will sink more easily, when in fresh water instead of sea water, as the fresh water is less dense, due to a lack of salt in it. The density of any object affects how well it's able to float.

Warm and cold water What should the people think as they load the ship with cargo?

It is not so much the water temperature that matters, but whether the ship is to sail on fresh or salt water. The salty oceans are denser than freshwater. Therefore, the ship can carry more cargo on the sea. This fact is noted on the bow of a ship by the Plimsoll line markings painted there.

What basic motion should a ship have in order that the rudder will be effective in turning the ship?

It should be moving forwards or backwards.

What should happen to a captain of a cruise ship for abandoning the ship and leaving the passengers?

he should go to jail

What did convicts do on a prison ship?

they just stayed in their cell and got to go deck for fresh air

Why is it that ship floats deeper in fresh water than in the sea water?

sea water is denser.

What is it called when you obtain fresh supplies as for a ship?

The answer would be to refit. Which means to renew supplies or equipment.

How do you get people back in harvest moon magical melodey?

You must ship things that they like. Like to get Carl and Katie back ship eggs and milk. To get Ronald back, ship fruit. Etc.

What tools and foods did Christopher Columbus use?

the tools they used were compass, ship, and ropes. they food they broght were fruit and veggies so they can be healthy. the tools they used were compass, ship, and ropes. they food they broght were fruit and veggies so they can be healthy.

Will the ship sink further into the seawater than if it was in fresh water?

Salt water is more bouyant than fresh water. An item will not sink further, but will sink faster in fresh water than in salt water.

How can someone help the environment with fair trade?

They can buy fair trade products. Fair trade means that it comes from your own country. Buying from your own country means that there is no need to ship the item, making less pollution. Also if it is fruit, it will be more fresh.