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There is no way to get it out. You need to throw the blanket away and buy a new one. Trust me. If a person is sprayed with skunk odor, the clothes go in the trash and the person goes in the tub for a miserable hot scrub with the most fragrant soap in the house! Just count yourself lucky it was just the blanket and not the dog!!

At least 1x every summer my dog gets skunked. Last time somehow my husband got the spray rubbed onto his pant leg which then was put into the dirty clothes with my baby/kids clothes. Needless to say a stinking mess. However if make sure the clothes are extra dry and stick them into a trash bag, pour in a decent amount of cat litter and then some of that Arm & Hammer sprinkle on carpet deoderizer. Tie it up and let it sit for a few days, roll it around now and then to coat everything. After that hang it out on the line to make sure all the cat litter is removerd(don't want that getting into the washer). A couple of hot washes and all the stuff was clean and fresh smelling. I did this because 10 dollars on cat litter and carpet fresh was cheaper than replacing all the clothes. However a trip to Good Will and you could buy some new dog blankets for under $10.

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my dog named bowser (LOL.) farts and really smells like a skunk

Hi. The reason that a dog's ability to smell is affected when a skunk sprays on it is due to the fact that the smell of the skunk spray is so overpowering that all the dog can smell is that horrid skunk smell. Hope I helped, Miles 'Tails' Prower =]

Use tomato paste and sauce 2-3 times,then the smell will be gone

Make up the following mixture and spray it on your car where the smell seems to be. . If you get the mixture on all the skunk smell it reacts chemically to kill the smell. ( Works great on dogs and other animals that may have been sprayed.) 1 quart of 3 percent Peroxide 1/4 cup Baking Soda 1 tsp of liquid Soap

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No, dogs smell with their noses.

some dogs smell others dont it sometimes depends on the food you give it. Some dogs do some dogs dont so u should really wash them every 3 weeks-ish.

To get the other dogs smell on them because dogs go by smell.

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If you go to a groomer for your dog then ask for a toothbrush and tell them about skunk smell ( I recommend petsmart) then they will give you a dog toothbrush. When i went to get my dog groomed i asked for something to get rid of dog-breath so they gave me a toothbrush and some doggy past and it worked really good so they will probably give you one for your dog.

Yes, skunk spray in a dog's mouth can make them sick.

It is their security blanket just like Linus and his blanket.

Dogs can be pretty smart when it comes to animals. Skunks a lot of times give off many warnings. Such as it's pattern for instance. It's like a flag that says: "Back off!" Dogs also have a good sense of smell. It might have smelled it and known what it's up against.

A dogs sense of smell is so acute that it can smell a person who was in a place days after.

dogs and dogs and dogs

Well they should not! Not Brushing or bathing would make them smell. These dogs are a gorgeous breed.

geranium flowers.... dogs loathe this smell!

No, oxygen is an odorless gas. Even dogs can't smell it.

Of course, golden retrievers smell. They are dogs, and dogs have over 220,000 smell cells in their nose.

Yes, dogs have a very good sense of smell and smell a lot better than humans.

They hate the lemon smell and most dogs hate chocolate smell but it depends on what type of dog you have

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Dogs smell after being out side because when they scent a new or different smell they want to get that smell on their fur so they role around in it and the stench clings to their fur. But a bath once every 1-2 weeks should help relive the smell.

Of coarse they can... drug dogs smell all drugs... jeeze

no because usually dogs feet doesn't smell!!!!!

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