How simulations get done?

Simulations are carried out by a computer. For this purpose, there are a number of simulation tools which offer graphical modeling of simulations:

  • Simio Simulation Software
  • Rockwell Arena
  • Flexsim
  • Plant Simulation

Those are just a few of the most important off the shelf simulation tools. Most of the tools employ the so called event-based simulation paradigm. In this, the simulation engine maintains a list of upcoming events, which it orders by the simulation time when the event is to occur. The one with the smallest time is the next one in the list. On the other hand, objects in the simulation model, such as a server, schedule events in the future. The simulation engine activates the object that is associated with the current event, and after it has processed the event, deactivates it, and carries on with the next event. This cycle continues until the condition for the end of simulation is met.