How sine wave generate?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Do you mean "How do sine waves generate <something you think they generate>?" Or perhaps you mean "How are sine waves generated?" Or something else, perhaps? No one can answer a question that is incomprehensible.

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Q: How sine wave generate?
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How do you generate cos wave from sine wave?

By shifting the sine wave by 45 degrees.

Is IC555 is an ac device or dc device?

it is DC powered, but can generate sawtooth or triangular wave AC if wired up properly. it cannot generate sine wave AC, although with an opamp wave shaping circuit the triangular AC waveform can be reshaped to a rough approximation of a sine wave.

How to generate multi component sine wave signal by using matlab program?

Generating Sine and Cosine Signals (Use updated lab)

What is the Matlab code to generate a sine wave?

A=2; t = 0:0.0005:1; x=A*sawtooth(2*pi*5*t,0.25); %5 Hertz wave with duty cycle 25% plot(t,x); grid axis([0 1 -3 3]); The above code can generate sine wave using Matlab.

Definition of sine wave?

A sine wave is the graph of y = sin(x). It demonstrates to cyclic nature of the sine function.

How could you print out a sine wave of your voice on a laser printer?

The voice is not a sine wave.

What will be the output of differentiator if the input is sine wave?

a phase shifted sine wave of a different amplitude.

What is the Integration of sine wave?

cos wave

Determine second third and 12TH harmonic of a sine wave?

A sine wave has no harmonics. It only has a fundamental, so the value of the 2nd, 3rd, and 12th harmonics of a sine wave is zero.

Why it is named sinusoidal wave or sine wave in ac?

It's called a sine wave because the waveform can be reproduced as a graph of the sine or cosine functions sin(x) or cos (x).

How can you use sine wave in a sentence?

The sine wave, with its repeating pattern, can represent a single frequency with no harmonics.

What are the Differentiate the sine wave and cosine wave?

The differential of the sine function is the cosine function while the differential of the cosine function is the negative of the sine function.