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Very SkinnyThere had been a huge amount of hype about American Models being 'size zero' or UK size 4, which is about a 23 inch waist, this is of course dangerously low and will have serious implications for their long term health.

"2" but I really mean "too".

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How do you get model skinny?

Models SHOULD ABSOLUTELY be naturally skinny. You shouldn't try to get model skinny. Skinny isn't for everyone. Be happy with your size. You are lucky.

Is the average weight of a fashion model lower than that of the average American woman?

Yes, the average weight of fashion model is lower than that of an average American women. Many fashion models are under weight of what they should be.

How can you get as skinny as a model?

don't eat.

How skinny is Selena Gomez?

Average! She is AVERAGE

Who is fat and who is skinny on Mario?

Wario is super fat Waluigi is super skinny Mario is average Luigi is skinny Peach is skinny Daisy is skinny

What size is a super model?


You are 15 years old and 5ft8 and you weigh 121 Is that average or are you fat or skinny?

That would be average but a bit on the skinny side...

Is the model Rachael overweight?

She's not fat at all. She's a skinny model.

Was Harriet Tubman skinny or fat?

She was average not too skinny nor not at all fat

How do you be skinny like Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus isn't that skinny, she pays people to make you look that skinny, she looks scary that skinny, she is a awful role model and she took pics of her butt

Do you have to be skinny to be a model?

The word model is a broad term. To be a Victoria's secret model or playboy or maxim model. Normally you have to be thin and fit.

How skinny is kesha?

she is your average, built in shape woman...not fat but not skinny like other celebs

Where can you get American Flag skinny jeans?


What are the advantages of being a fashion model?

== == == == there are none apart from your skinny

Was Martin Luther King Jr skinny of fat?

He was average size. If you had to say, I would say that he was average or a little to the larger size, but I wouldn't call him skinny

Where does Selena Gomez get her skinny pants?

American Eagle

Was Leif Ericson fat?

no he was not fat or skinny he was average

Do you have to be really skinny to be a model?

You don't have to be really skinny to be a model, you should be skinny but toned as well. My advice is to have a healthy diet which includes some daily exercise like sit-ups or Jackknives.Just promise me you wont go on a crash diet :S its just sooo unhealthy (:

Was twiggy a artist from the sixies?

No she was a very famous model! and very skinny!

Does Louis Tomlinson prefer curvy or skinny girls?

He prefers skinny girls because his current girlfriend is Eleanor Calder and she's a model.

What are the negative aspects of a fashion model?

The negatives are you need to be skinny unless they want a fatty model and they need to be hot.

How long do skinny pigs live?

If treated right, the average skinny pig can live up to 6-8 years.

If you are 14 yrs old 5.2 feet and weight 81 pounds is that fat skinny or average?

I think that's skinny. . .

Why is the cheetah's body long and skinny?

To increase the average speed

Is using skinny models in advertising effective?

It is very effective. I am a high fashion model and I am skinny. What do you see on tv? Skinny Models. My agency I work for is using skinny models and selling ad campaigns. It just depends on what type of advertising you re doing.

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