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The largest species of sea horses are about 13cm

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What do baby sea horses eat?

i believe that baby sea horses eat the same things as adult sea horses just incase you don't know what adult seahorses eat they eat small fish,larvae,or anything small enough to swallow

What eat small sea horses?

crabs,tuna,and penguins eat sea horses.that because their small enough to swallow.

How many types of seahores are there?

Sea horses are small fish that have armored plates. There are about 50 different species of sea horses around the world

How do sea horses catch their food?

Sea horses have a small mouth that act like a bit like a vacuum. They feed on small crustaceans by sucking them into their mouth using sudden snapping motions.

Are sea horses predators?

sea hores are predators because they eat small shrimp,crabs,and fish

Are sea horses little?

Yes, seahorses are usually small they live in the sea obviously since their called SEA horses. They are pregnant 6 months till they give birth. -Fiona McSweeney

Do sea horses eat little shrimp?

Sea horses do in fact eat small shrimps! They also eat very small fish and plankton. They're not very picky, it seems, since they just eat anything that's small and living.

What sea horse like to eat?

Sea Horses feed on small crustaceans in the water, or crawling amongst seaweed, or on the sea floor.

What does a sea horses eat?

Brine Shrimp Small Crustaceans,and Zooplankton Worms

Are sea horses related to horses?

Sea Horses are not related to horses but they are called sea horses, one because they live in the sea and two because their heads look like miniature horses heads.

How do sea horses hunt?

Sea horses hunt small shrimp and fish larvae and use their "S" like body shape as a spring to snatch prey quickly when it swims by.

What is a sea horses habitat?

a sea horses habitat is under the sea in the sea weed

Are seahorses helpful?

Sea Horses are small sea creatures that can be pets. They live in reefs which does help the food cycle/life cycle but they don't do anything for humans and I think the world would go on if their were no sea horses! (: Does that answer?

What name is sometimes given to Carmargue horses?

Horses of the sea, or sea horses.

What are the sizes of sea horses?

what are the sizes of sea horses

Can sea horses livel in an aquarium with other sea horses?

Yes. It depends on if they are fighting sea horses, or if they are calm.

Are sea horses endangered?

Yes, sea horses are endangered

Do sea horses breed?

Uh, if they didn't breed, how are they supposed to have more sea horses? Yes, sea horses breed.

What can harm sea horses?

Sea horses can mostly be harmed by Crabs and Tuna fish witch both eat sea horses

Are seahorses and normal horses the same?

no sea horses and normal horses are completely different. sea horses get there name because they are sea creatures that somewhat look like actual horses that you ride

What do sea horses eat?

Sea horses eat little shrimp

Who was ruler of horses and the sea?

The god Neptune was the ruler of horses and the sea.

Do sea horses belong to the same family as horses?

No they are not from the same family, sea horses are a special kind of fish, horses are mammals.

What is the male sea horses name?

There are only male sea horses no female

What are baby sea horses called?

baby sea horses are called fry

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