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Togo is smaller the West Virgina.

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Togo is a small terrier.

Togo is a country in Africa. Togo, Africa is located in Western Africa bordering/between Benin and Ghana. Togo is a small West African nation. It borders the Bight of Benin in the south; Ghana lies to the west; Benin to the east; and to the north Togo is bound by Burkina Faso.

The small city of Togo is located between Ghana and Benin.

Togo, the dog from The Wizard of Oz, is a pretty small dog. So, I guess I think it would probably be the smallest. So, yeah.

Togo. It's a small strip of a country in west Africa.

no, there is a small coast line in the western side bordering the Atlantic ocean.

Germany colonized togo and France gave togo its independence

The size of Togo is 56.600km2

Yes, there are hippos in Togo.

togo is an Iditarod sled dog who died in 1997. Togo is in doggy heaven

togo is a country in west Africa .

The President of Togo is Faure Gnassingbe.

Togo does not have a national bird.

Togo has a market economy.

Yes there are many lakes in Togo

Lomé is the capital city of Togo.

Emmanuel Adebayor is from Togo.

Togo was a dog in the years of Alaska with disease so they had dogs run to get to Nome and Togo was one

Leather Togo is hide of an adult Bull

the litaracy rate of togo is 27645%

Togo is 56,785 square kilometers in size.

because togo had great resources

The Hippopotamus is the national animal of Togo.

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