How solar powered things work?

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Solar powered things work when they reflect off the sun. For example, if you have solar power energy it reflects off the sun making energy and then you can use it.

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Q: How solar powered things work?
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Objects powered by solar energy?

Mainly calculators but here is alot of things solar powered but here is a few: - solar panels - solar powered appliances - solar powered shades - solar powered water heaters - solar powered lights - solar powered roofs

What can be powered by solar energy?

Anything. All things that can be powered by fossil fuels (electricity) can be powered by solar power :)

Are there such things as a car powered by sun and the moon?

There are solar powered cars.

What things are powered by solar power?

The weather.

Would a solar powered heating unit work on the moon?

A solar powered heating unit may or may not work on the moon

What two items that are solar powered?

well if u have solar panels that means that your houses electricity is then solar powered (or generated) a lizard as the need the sun to get there energy glow in the dark things can be solar powered as the need the suns light to the glow

How do solar powered space probes work?

the same as they do on earth!

Does a solar powered heater work on the dark side of the moon?


How will solar energy be in the future?

The real answer is that it will be used in solar powered cars and many other things.

A solar powered boat would work?

Depens on how many hours of sun it gets, on how much you want to drive it, and for how long/fast you want it to go. A solar powered speed boat - no. A solar powered commercial ferry - no. A solar powered dinghy for some casual fishing - sure.

Would a solar powered device work on the moon?

Yes, solar power reaches the moon.

How are destroyers powered?

* destroyers are powered by solar power and they have to be used by the solar powered

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