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it usually take about a month from the day you think you got pregnant.

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you would know by looking in the bubble on the stick and there is a - and a + if you get the + you are pregnant if you get the - you are not

There are instructions on the box but you pee on the stick, wait the time mentioned on the box (it varies between brands) and then you check if you are positive or negative. Positive means pregnant.

Fake it to show positive or fake it to show negative? You cannot fake a hpt to show a positive unless you are pregnant. If you wish to show a negative when you are really pregnant, dip the stick in water (not urine) to make it seem wet, or maybe get a good friend to pee in a cup for you and dip the stick in her urine (in front of the person you are trying to fool).

no, you can not get pregnant if you stick your finger in your vagina. Unless there is semen on it. then there would be a chance.

The reason why they don't stick together is because magnets have a positive and negative charge. if you put a positive charge side together with another positive side it won't stick because they are the same charge. if they are opposites they will stick.

No, you cannot get pregnant from doing that.

Both. The carrot is a positive motivation, and the stick is a negative one.

On the initial stick test, something might be positive. On any positive stick test , they will do a GC/MS conformation test. That test is foolproof.

If the doctor told you that you are pregnant, then you probably are. The doctors do a blood test which is way more accurate then peeing on a stick!

The stick drawn across the strings of violin to produce sound is called a bow.

By extreme heat and pressure, neutral atoms stick to positive atoms. Such as in Nuclear fission/ fusion.

No, in fact the stick is becoming rare and is optional on some models

No only unless you stick your finger in it and stick in in your vagina

the female stick insect can produce it's self

positive stain stick with specimen and gives it's color where as negative dye doesn't stick with the specimen but settle around it's outer boundary and forming a silhouette. that negative stain produce a dark back ground around the cell.

no you wait a wile and then she may get pregnant. hav great sex

Yes, all stick insects can produce unfertilized eggs via parthenogeneses. Some species do have males which can produce fertilized eggs, but all females are able to produce eggs without a mate.

as unlike charge attract each other ,positive and negative ion stick to make electrovalent bonding

When you make positive changes and stick with them.

No, it doesn't. The only reason it would stick out is if your belly button stuck out orginally.

what happens if a man pees on a pregnacy test stick?

Trust your instincts and stick to the right thing: Bella decided to stick to her decision of becoming a vampire.... which turned out very well. After she got pregnant she sticked to her decision of not aborting the baby.... which also turned out well. She had decided to marry edward... turned out very very very well

get your boyfriend or husband and have them stick there dicks in you