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10-12 days after conception

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Q: How soon after fertilization occurs an the prwgnancy be detected by home pregnancy test?
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How soon after fertilization occurs can a pregnancy be detected by a home pregnancy test?

some tests can tell you five to seven days before your next missed period

How does the fertilization affect the menstrual cycle?

Fertilization would be when conception occurs, if the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus lining this is when pregnancy occurs and thus the menstrual cycles stop. Although fertilization doesn't always result in pregnancy, and pregnancy can miscarry at any point.

Where does fertilization of an ovum most often occurs in the?

fertilization of an ovum occurs in the utetus

Fertilization in mammals occurs in the?

Fertilization occurs in the oviduct of the female reproductive tract

Where does fertilization normally occurs?

In humans, fertilization normally occurs in the Fallopian tubes (oviducts).

What fertilization that occurs inside the body?

external fertilization

The biological name of the type of fertilization that takes place outside the female's body?

If it is outside the female body, it is called in vitro fertilization. If it occurs outside the uterus it is called an ectopic pregnancy.

What type of fertilization occurs outside of the body?

external fertilization

Describe where pollination and fertilization occur?

Fertilization occurs in the ovule

When does the fertilization occurs?

When sperm fuses with egg it is called fertilization .

What fertilization occurs outside of the female body?

External Fertilization

Fertilization normally occurs in the?

Fertilization occurs in the: oviduct (I'm also taking the same test as you, haha)

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