How soon after implantation can you take test?

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You could probably take a test in a few days. Implantation usually occurs around day 10 of conception, after which is starts producing hCG which is the horomone that pregnancy tests pick up on. Or you could take the test around when you would normally get your period. Hello there - Once you experience Implantation bleeding, you can do a pregnancy test about three weeks later. Any earlier and the test will be inaccurate or the HCG wont be at a high enough level to give you a accurate result. Good luck. :o) I think right away Actually, all answers can be correct, because not only are all women different, but all pregnancies - even in the same woman - are different too! Technically speaking, without being too technical, once the embryo has implanted in your uterine lining, it immediately begins to produce that magical hormone hCG. Now, a "beta", or a blood test for the presence of hCG, will test positive for pregnancy about 3-4 days after implantation. Sadly though, most obgyns will not agree to a beta on hearsay, because after all, at this early stage in the game, that's all the "proof" you have that you have a bun in the oven. You might have suspicion, but nothing concrete. But hey, to all her own, and remember - it never hurts to ask, of course, paired just right with the power of feminine coersion. ;) What about wee wee, you think? Okay, on that subject, it takes another 3-4 days after, for a total of max 8 days (give or take a day or two) for the hCG to be detected in your trusty home wee test. And that, my friends, also depends on how sensitive your wee test is; generally, the higher the number, the lower the sensitivity, so you want a home wee test to detect at a 20 hCG level. I myself purchased wee tests on the net for a sensitivity level of 15, so yes Virginia, there is such a thing. Secondly, the wee test is totally dependent on the level of hCG in your system; think "it has to be at a high enough level that it would spill over from the blood into the wee". Multiple pregnancies always produce more hCG than a singleton pregnancy too, thus equating to an earlier double line on that test. Ah wee, hCG, implantation.......oh MY! So much to learn. So for you baby enthusiasts out there who seriously want to read on about this subject, check out my all time favorite site on hCG tests" There is just so much involved, that to include all the possible info here is preposterous but I do hope I have whetted your appetite for, hCG and the whole "could I am I dare I" on the wonderment of being with child. Suffice it to say, since women can't pinpoint with certainty when the baby implants in the womb, at earliest test a couple days before you are due for your menses, and definitely if you have missed your T-O-M. And give it your best: use dark urine (i.e. hold your wee for at least three hours; probably best if you do it after being asleep so you can up your chances of having enough hCG to be detected in the wee for a +++), follow the directions to a tee, and hey - here's some baby dust to help ya out. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

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2008-04-04 03:59:19
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Q: How soon after implantation can you take test?
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If you have implantation bleeding how soon can you take a pregnancy test?

After about a week.

I had implantation bleeding about five days ago is it too soon to see if im pregnant?

No - take a test

How soon can a blood test determine if your pregnant?

7 to 12 days after implantation.

About how many days after implantation bleeding can you take a pregnancy test?

I think that you can take a test now

When you wiped you there was pink on the tissue is this implantation bleeding?

Possibly - take a test

Is it possible to be pregnant but still have bleeding and negative test results?

Yes. Bleeding can come from "implantation bleeding". Negative test results can come from testing too soon. Wait to take a pregnancy test the day of a missed period.

If you need a pantyliner does than mean it's not implantation?

No, you need a pantyliner with implantation too. If you miss your next period, take a test

How soon after implantation can you detect the pregnancy hormone in a pregnancy test?

with an hpt 5 days before your missed period.... or get a hcg blood test by your doctor

How long after implantation should you take pregnancy test?

It depends on when your implantation bleeding has happened. You shouldn't take a pregnancy test more than five days before your expected period. The closer to the expected period date the more accurate the test.

Is abnormal spotting a sign of conception?

Can be implantation bleeding if pregnancy is suspected take an at home test or make an appointment with your doctor as soon as missed period good luck and God Bless!!!

Is spotting before the period as sign of pregnancy?

It could be. It could be implantation bleeding. If your period does not come, take a test. Once implantation occurs you can get a positive test in a day or two. Good luck!

If cramping occurs about a week before your period is due could this be a sign of implantation?

It is more likely that it is because your period is going to arrive soon. However, if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

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