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You can know as soon as 10 days after conception, but only through a blood test given by your doctor. Most doctors recommend waiting to see if you miss your period, you can then take a hpt and later go in for a doctor appt. to have that test confirmed if it is positive. Most doctors will not even see a women that thinks that they are pregnant until they would be about 8 weeks pregnant.

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Q: How soon after ovulation does it take to know you are pregnant?
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When do you know that am pregnant after ovulation?

You can take a test 2 weeks after sex.

Long does it take to know your pregnant?

You can get a reliable answer on a home pregnancy test 14 to 16 days after ovulation.

How soon will you know that im pregnant?

You can take a pregnancy test from as soon as two weeks after sex.

Can you get pregnant on the date of ovulation?

Yes, you can. The day of ovulation is when you are most likely to get pregnant. Take a pregnancy test if you then miss your next period.

What happens if your pregnant and you take BC?

Then you are pregnant. Birth control pills will not have major side effects on the fetus, but it is best to stop taking them as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Will ovulation take place when one is pregnant?

No. This is not necessary. Ovulation occurs so that an egg can become fertilized. But this process was already successful.

Which week of missing your birth control pills is the fastest way you can get pregnant?

Hard to say. The best week to get pregnant is when you are ovulating. But, birth control pills prevent ovulation. So, some women get pregnant after skipping just a few because skipping the pills triggers ovulation for them and others take weeks or months off the pill before their body full adjusts and is ready to be pregnant. If you know you will want to be pregnant soon, but not just yet you should switch to non-hormonal birth control as soon as possible. I would talk to your doctor about any pregnancy plans you have. He can give you the best advice for you and your future baby. Good luck, D

How soon can you take a blood test to confirm pregnancy?

9 days past ovulation would be the soonest, but it is best to wait 14 days past ovulation.

Are ovulation cramps for 10 days since ovulation a sign that you may be pregnant?

No, not really. If you think you're pregnant, take a home test or go see a doctor. But you are probably just having PMS cramps.

Can opk detect pregnancy 1 week after ovulation?

no. opks are ovulation prediction kits. they detect when you ovulate. to find if youre pregnant, you have to take a pregnancy test

How soon before you know that you are pregnant?

when your period didnt come on that month or you just become sick and take a pregnancy test

Can you get pregnant if you are not on birth control and he pulls out and i am not on my ovulation day?

There is ALWAYS a chance that you can become pregnant after engaging in intercourse ... NO matter what preventive measures you take ...

How long does it take a woman pregnant?

one min to two days it depends when ovulation is going to occurs

Can I be pregnant if have light pink discharge?

Possibly, or it could just be ovulation. Take a test if your miss your period

Is it possible to get pregnant during ovulation if using birth control pills?

You will not ovulate if you take BCPs as directed.

Can you get pregnant before your period returns after a c section?

yes normally people don't know even if you don't have your period you ovulate every month, unless you are irregular in your ovulation, or your menstruation. but if you are normal you should take care. you can even buy ovulation test, when you are worried that you would be getting pregnant again. talk to your Dr. for more information.

What can happen if you take two birth controls at the same time Can you get pregnant?

If you miss a day, you should take both pills as soon as you remember. Not to be done on a regular basis. It is not the two pills in one day that will cause a pregnancy - it is the days you don't take any that could result in ovulation and pregnancy.

How many dpo should you take a pregnancy test?

Days Past Ovulation? How soon do you need to know? Different tests, different days. Check the box. Generally speaking, though, first missed period happens fourteen days after ovulation. That's the time at which most women start suspecting pregnancy and start shopping for a test kit. (Also, generally speaking, it doesn't matter. If you're pregnant, you'll have a baby whether or not you take a test.)

If you take an ovulation test and it never came up positive could you be pregnant?

I've done some research on this and apparently ovulation tests will come out positive if you are pregnant. As i understand it, ovulation tests pick up LH and HCG alike -- they don't differentiate. Pregnancy tests, however, only pick up HCG.

How soon you can use home pregnancy test?

as soon as you think you are pregnant ,just take the test to see.

When to take the doe from the buck when pregnant?

about after 15 minutes of non stop mating or as soon as it shows that the girl rabbit is pregnant(this way you may not know what day or near when she is going to give birth)

If you take birth control patches and you waited four days to put another one back on how do you know if your pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test and know that if you took it soon enough in the pregnancy it will show a false negative.

How soon can you take a pregnant test?

After a missed period about 16 days.

What week can you tell that your pregnant?

Some pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to get a definite result one week after ovulation, so about 5 days before your period is due. You may experience symptoms as soon as implantation occurs or it may take weeks.

Do your ovaries hurting mean your pregnant?

It's more likely to be pain related to ovulation or an ovarian cyst. However if you feel you may be pregnant take a home pregnancy test.