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As soon as you are in default of the contract.

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Q: How soon can a car lot repo your car in California?
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Can a car lot reposed an automobile if its been seized by the police?

yes the car lot has all the rights because until the car is paid in full it is still titles to the car lot the impound lot will have to turn the car over to the repo man or repo man can file charges

Can a buy here pay here car lot repo after 7 days late?

Some places have the ability to take your car away if you don't pay car lot fees if you are trying to sell your car on their lot. If you didn't sign a contract through them, then they can't repo your car. They will most likely tow your car off the lot and you have to pay expenses on it. If you signed a contract where you must leave your vehicle on the lot for certain amount of days or months then yes they might be able to repo your vehicle if it states in the contract they can. If you are not on a contract of any kind then no they can not repo your car. They will instead tow your car off the lot.

How does the repo man get a key to your car?

I am a repo-Woman. If you purchased your car from a car lot, the car lot keeps a copy to the keys in case they need to reposess the car in the future when you dont pay. The repo-person can also get a key to the car from a dealer, such as GMC, etc. Or they can have a blank key, that accesses any car. If they dont have a key, they can tow it without a key. Pay for your car and you dont have to worry about it, :O)

Can used car lots file charges on a repo?

can a used car lot file charges aginst you

What happens to your car if it is repo by a payhere buyhere lot?

It's resold to someone else.

Do you have to have a repossession license to repo a car if you work for or own the car lot that is repossessing it?

general rule NO, but check with your state to be sure

Can you get a car dealers license in California without a car lot?


How can you get your repo car back?

You much go to the inpound lot and pay a fee to get the car back and if it is in there again for the same reason you will not get it back ever.

What is the coming soon tent on YoVille?

It's a car lot.

What if they repo the car from apt complex and tow it back to car lot with people in it and also knock down the owner of the car as they are pulling off?

Take that up with the police.

What are the disadventage of buying a new car?

Mainly financial. A car will lose a lot of value basically as soon as it leaves the dealer's lot.

Can a repo man take your car if there is no insurance on it?

Yes. He's not going to drive your car. He's going to hook a wrecker (tow truck) to it and tow it to a holding lot.

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