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Take that up with the police.


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Yes, if the owner of the complex has given the police written permission to issue tickets on the property.

yes , the knock sensor makes the car move sluggish wen bad and so the owner want to accelerate more but the engine wont deliver, in these form the transmission can be affected

Surprisingly, the easiest way is to knock on the door and ask politely. -I've done it many times .

Check the tax appraisal records for the property and see who is listed as the owner.

Yes, one co-owner can stop the other co-owner from having or moving people in the home.

The Candlepin Bowling complex first got its name from its owner and founder, and its co-founder. The names of these two people are Wendy and Mike Floyd, who are actually married as well.

A dog may jump on others, and knock them over......That's embarrasing or...hump visitor's legs

A condo is owned privately even if it is being rented the owner is renting it. Apartments are owned by businesses and are considered a business. They rent the apartment out to multiple people and that is how they do business.

there is no such thing as owner points some people mistake trainer points for owner points

Well, that depends on the breeder, all dogs can have their tails cut off if their owner wants them to be. The reason people do that is because some tails that are longer, when the dog gets excited, it wags, and it can hit people, and knock things off, so people do it so that won't happen.

A horse provides a comforting friend, responsibility for the owner to care (if it is a pet), transportation, a way of pulling ploughing machines (old ones).

Aversive Conditioning is the use of something unpleasant, or a punishment, to stop an unwanted behavior. EX: If a dog is learning to walk on a leash alongside his owner, an undesired behavior would be when the dog pulls on the leash. The owner may use a collar that delivers a shock when dog pulls - eventually the dog associates pulling on the leash with getting a painful shock and stops pulling

there is no single owner of java island. All of indonesian people own it

A condominium unit is owned in fee. The owner owns the unit in a multiple unit complex and a percentage of all the common areas in the complex. It may be owner occupied or offered for rent.An apartment is a rental unit in a multiple unit building that has a single owner.

It is not illegal but it is up to the landlord or owner of the complex to decide whether or not they want to allow this. Check with them before doing any work. Some are very anal about oil spills and whatnot.

Depends. Is the object a tree branch? Then possibly the owner of the apartment complex. If it is something that doesn't belong in a tree then it would depend on how that object got there.

If must be the owner to get into a locked room. Once the owner is in the room, she/he can allow people in it.

A dog that was loved as a puppy will generaly love the owner, but may also be protective of their owner as well. Some breeds even will love all people, exept the people who they smell as dangerous.

Horses give their owners exercise by making the owner drive them on by squeezing their calf muscles into the horses hind legs and pulling the reins.

No, a co-owner cannot sell a car without the primary owner. Both people have to be present for the sale of this car to go through.

people i am laura and i am a owner of a night club and i earn about 900 a week

The current owner of a home is the person, people, or entity (like a company or organization) which has the title to a home. The owner may or may not live in the home.

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