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A female goat can get pregnant again right after birth if she goes into heat around a male. The goat should be kept away from males until her baby goats are weaned.


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Yes, this animal is able to breed right after giving birth and get pregnant.

The act of a goat giving birth is called kidding and that is why a young one of a goat is known as a kid. This can also be referred to as parturition.

You shouldn't milk a goat while it's giving birth. The newborn kid needs that milk to survive.

A doe giving birth is 'kidding'.

Yes, it is the name for giving birth.

Parturition, or the act of giving birth.

No, the hormones needed to produce milk are not produced until after the goat has given birth.

If you're asking what "kidding" means in animal terms, the answer is a goat giving birth. A kid is a baby goat.

Only if there is another baby or babies inside. They can breed again after delivery of the kids, but it is recommended that the goat should only be bred once a year. Also, it is said to prolong the life of the goat by doing this and retiring at the age of 10.

how do you know when a goat is pregnant

Yes a goat has to get pregnant before it will produce milk.

No, this is just impossible. No man can ever get a goat pregnant.

Depends on whether or not the goat is pregnant. If she is, then the behavior is normal for the early part of the first stage of birth. If the goat is not pregnant but is very restless you may have a problem with pain in the abdominal region and I would suggest that you get advice from a vet.

A female goat can become pregnant when she is one year old.

Yes. It is safe to eat the goat meat when pregnant.

With in six months a goat can give birth a baby goat after mating

They are pregnant for about 150 days (6 months), they can become pregnant when they are 6-10 months so that she can deliver when she is one year old.

There is not many ways to know if the goat is pregnant right away. A person will know for sure if a goat is pregnant when her stomach get larger and she starts having milk.

i have a goat about to give birth anything i can do th help?

If the male goat is the father of the kids, then probably. Sometimes a male goat that is not the father of the kids will protect, but not always. In my advice, do not put the pregnant goat near any males but the father.

the symptoms of a pregnant nubian goat is when the goat gets really fat and moody and they demand your self respect but even to know, that goat is the love of your life and you can still get a boner!

A pregnant doe. or a gestating doe.

On average, a goat gives birth about 150 days (or 5 months) from conception.

Give your doe at least 8wks before you breed her again, but that really is pushing it. The best idea is to wait 3months before you breed her again, so she can regain some condition. Keep in mind that does can come back into heat 1 month after kidding (mostly mini breeds). Do not breed her at this time.

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