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If you already have symptoms, go ahead and test, buy a multiple pack and save one for later though, in case it's too early. Ideally you want to wait until your period is late, to get the most accurate test results. HCG( the pregnancy hormone) begins to show up in urine at about 10-14 days after conception.


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Q: How soon can pregnancy be detected in the urine if you already have the symptoms of pregnancy?
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Can pregnancy be detected by a urine sample?

Yes, but this method is not accurate until at least two weeks after conception. Alternative methods are through blood tests, home pregnancy tests (which also uses your urine stream), and a less accurate way would be through symptoms. If pregnancy is not suspected but a doctor does an ultrasound,X-ray, etc, this can detect pregnancy as well but this won't be done to determine pregnancy alone.

Can a urine pregnancy test be positive other than in pregnancy?

No, because the test reads positive only for a horomone that is present in pregnant women. So if a test is positive, it detected that PREGNANCY horomone in your urine

If your urine changes to a light-clearish yellow along with other symptoms could that be a possible sign of pregnancy?

The color of your urine does indicate a pregnancy, whether there are or ar not other symptoms present, it just doesnt.

If your period is late and a urine test was negative would you have any pregnancy symptoms if you have low hemoglobin?

Being anemic would make no difference to either pregnancy tests or pregnancy symptoms.

How can proteins be detected in urine?

How can proteins be detected in urine

How viruses are detected?

Viruses are detected a number of ways; from symptoms occurring to a blood/urine test. It all depends on which virus or disease the medical professionals are looking for.

My urine is very fast in second pregnancy ithink its a boy?

my urine is very fast in second pregnancy i think its a boy coz i have already a baby girl but the pregnancy was very cool

Can tobacco be detected by urine test?

tobaco can not be detected in a urine test

Can psyllerol be detected in a urine test?

can psyllerol be detected in urine test

How long can levomethamphetamine be detected in urine?

how long can levomethamphetamine be detected in urine?

If symptoms of a UTI are present including white blood cells in urine but no infection is found can this be an early sign of pregnancy?

No. Signs of pregnancy are absent period and positive pregnancy test. White blood cells in urine and painful urination are not signs of pregnancy.

Could a yeast infection cause a pregnancy test to be negative even if you are pregnant?

No. The only thing that will cause a negative pregnancy test is no HCG in your Urine. A pregnancy test will only become positive when HCG has been detected in your Urine. If it does not become positive then no HCG has been detected. Test in a week and if it is still negative then see your doctor for a blood test or confirmation.

How long can lorazepam be detected in your urine?

In a typical individual, lorazepam can be detected in the urine 1 to 2 days after ingesting it. For lorazepam addicts, its can be detected in the urine longer.

Can sabuxoen be detected in a urine sample?

Yes Suboxone can be detected in a urine sample. It can not however be detected in a standard drug test.

Can Valium be detected in a urine test?

Valium and other benzodiazapines are easily detected in urine.

How long can urine be detected in a urinaiysis?

Urine can always be detected otherwise there would be no analysis.

What is the name of the form in which drugs can be detected in the urine?

whats the name of the form in which drugs can be detected in the urine

How long shabu can be detected from urine?

Shabu can be detected in urine an after after its use and up to three days after.

You are on implanon and do not have a period however you are showing symptoms of pregnancy?

when in doubt, assume you are pregnant. then take a urine pregnancy test, and if that is negative. then you can also check by getting a blood pregnancy test.

Can Methadone be detected on a urine test?

If it is being specifically tested for, yes methadone can be detected on a urine test.

Does it matter how light the line is in a pregnancy test?

no it doesnt matter how feint - the line indicates that the test has detected HGC (pregnancy hormone) in you urine therefore you are pregnant! The line gets stronger as time goes on in a healthy pregnancy

What does urine smell like in early pregnancy?

Urine. Ammonia. The smell of urine does not change in early pregnancy. Or late pregnancy.

How long can Valium be detected in urine?

Valium can be detected in urine for up to seven days if used rarely. Although chronic usage could be detected for months.

Can a uti be mistaken for pregnancy?

Symptoms of abdominal pain, bloody urine or vaginal discharge, and discomfort with urinating can overlap in both urinary tract infections and pregnancy. A urine pregnancy test (which can be very sensitive but not 100% accurate, especially in the first few weeks of a pregnancy) is often obtained to rule-out pregnancy if there's concern about a urinary tract infection.

How long can alcohol be detected in you urine blood or on your breath?

Alcohol in breath dissipates quickly but not in urine, where it can be detected for about three days.