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I am a builder and have installed probably 350 inground vinyl lined pools we usually put our decks around our pools before filling of the water mostly due to the fact that concrete decks upto or cantilevered over the edge can be messy so I would have to answer your question asap

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I need to drain my inground swimming pool I have never done this I know that I use a hose but I don't know where to place it and how get the water flowing my pool has been very neglected newly divorced and need help please. Or can I just treat the existing water with chemicals and always cleaning my filters clean. Thank You very much in helping me if someone can.

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Inground swimming pools provide the ideal space for entertaining friends, spending quality time with your family and simply relaxing after a stressful day. With the many elegant inground pool designs that are now available, it is possible to create a luxurious oasis right in your own backyard. When temperatures outside reach record-breaking highs people often pack up their families and head for the beaches. After spending a great deal of time getting the kids ready and paying the outrageous amounts for gas to travel, you find yourself at crowded beaches. This can add to the stresses you may already be feeling. With your own inground swimming pool, these are all frustrations that you no longer have to encounter. Just a few years ago it seemed as though the only people that could afford to have inground swimming pools installed for them were individuals that had an unlimited budget or those that were willing to put themselves into major debt to experience the great benefits that these pools had to offer. However, today that is no longer the situation. There are companies that allow people to create their own inground pool designs online and put together an inground swimming pool kit that meets these design specifications. With some basic skills and the ability to follow easy instructions, these swimming pools can be installed within a matter of a weekend. Even if you are not handy with tools, you can still purchase the inground pool designs and kits at affordable prices and pay a professional to do the installation work for you. There are many swimming pool installers that simply provide the services necessary for constructing both above ground and inground swimming pool kits that you purchase. These expert contractors can provide you with the confidence in knowing that your pool is constructed in a manner that will be safe and enjoyable for your entire family for many years to come. Many of these contractors will even take the time to ensure that have all of the knowledge and facts about the required maintenance for your inground swimming pool before they label the job as being completed. To locate discounted inground pool designs and kits you can visit your local swimming pool dealers in your area or do an online search. You will find that this newly available option for obtaining swimming pools has really become a popular way for individuals to enjoy this amazing activity.

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