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How soon can you test for prenancy?

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once your period is due, the best pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. some will tell earlier but are much less reliable and an incorrect answer would be very unhelpfull

2009-01-06 21:23:28
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How do you tell if a 13 years old is prangnit?

Prenancy test.

How many days before the prenancy test detected?


Had your period in December hasn't come this month done two prenancy test and both say im not prenancy any other reason for missed period?

many reasons December could December as you wish

At what stage of prenancy should prenatal vitamins be taken?

From the beginning. As soon as possible these vitamins should be started and taken daily.

Can a pap smear test hurt a prenancy?

A pap smear is a screening test for cervical cancer. It is a normal part of prenatal care. It will not harm a pregnancy.

When is the soonest you shoulld take a prenancy test after using the morning after pill?

The standard in our office is no sooner than ten days after the accident.

Are you pregnant if you took a prenancy test and one line was up and the other was across?

It depends on the type of pregnancy test you are using. They are all different. Just follow the directions on the box or the insert.

How to stop prenancy?

be celebate

Is Miley prenancy?

no she isn't pregnant.

How soon you can use home pregnancy test?

as soon as you think you are pregnant ,just take the test to see.

How soon can you take a paternity test?

As soon as the baby is born.

How many months of prenancy is 24 weeks?


Is Beyonce faking her prenancy?

No, she's not! It is a real pregnacy!

How soon can you test for Marijuana after smoking it?


How soon can you test for pregnetcy?


How soon after ovulation can I test?


Could you be pregnant at 51 have had 9 positive in home prenancy test?

As long as you have not gone through menepause or had a histerectomy then yes it is possible. There is a woman in London right now that is pregnant at 66.

How soon can you do pregancy test?

As soon as you suspect having conceived, you can go in for a pregnancy test. But don't expect 100% reliability early on.

Are sore nipples a sign of prenancy?

Yes it is a sign of pregnancy.

When do signs of pregnancy start to occur?

About 2 months into prenancy.

Could the blood test be too soon ovulated July 1 blood test negative July 13 is that too soon for a blood test?

14 days after conception is the earliest

How soon after baby is born can you do a paternity test?

Pretty much as soon as the baby is born

How soon should you flush your system before taking a drug test?

As soon as you possibly can.

How soon after smoking marijuana can it be detected in a drug test?

As soon as you take your first hit

How soon is to soon for a pregnancy test?

It's not reliable until 2 weeks after sex.