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It depends on the company. However, any air conditioning company will charge double if you let them look at your air conditioning at short notice.

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Q: How soon could I get a central air conditioning company to come look at my air conditioner in Detroit, MI?
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Why is central air conditioner not giving cold air?

You need to call an air conditioning company. Sounds like either it needs to be recharged or the compressor has died.

Can you suggest a good central air conditioning repair company servicing the Detroit, MI area?

Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling are specialists in central air units and their repair in the Detroit area, and can be found online via

What websites offer air conditioning repair tips?

There are many websites which offer air conditioning repair tips. You could visit the website of the company which you got your air conditioner from, and start from there.

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You can search for a local temperature control company and find their air conditioning programs. You can then set up an appointment and have your air conditioning down within a week.

What company would you recommend to replace my air conditioner?

Usually it is best to do one's homework when choosing an air conditioning contractor. But, because you must find a contractor very quickly I suggest the Lee Thompson Company.

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Are there any local services that fix air conditioning systems?

To find local services to fix your air conditioner you can look in your yellow pages of the phone book. You can also call the company who built your air conditioning system and see if they offer any maintenance on it.

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