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Unless your cat died of an infectious disease, like feline leukemia, there is no 'correct' waiting time. You will have to decide when you feel ready to have another cat in the house. Just like people, no two cats are alike. You will not be able to replace your cat, but you may find having a new cat to be a comfort. Trust yourself. You will know when you are ready.

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Your cat died 1 week ago that your Mom was attached to and you have 3 dogs they are good with cats and a 3yr cat that was tortured. how soon is too soon to get a kitten?

it is never to soon when ever you are emotionaly ready if you are going to go ohh my last cat used to love that seat that our new cat is sitting in then no but if you get another cat it will make you forget about the pain of losing your cat

How soon after a litter of kittens should a cat have another litter of kittens?

About 4 to 6 months. A mother cat will have a litter and about 3 months later will go into heat and get pregnant. Two months later she will have another litter. A mother cat shouldn't have too many litters in her life it will wear her down and the stress could kill her.

What causes kitten to be born to soon just this morning your cat delivered two babies born too soon?

Bad spelling and grammar can cause early birth among cats, as can cat sex.

Why is it better for a pathogen not to kill it host?

If the host dies too soon the pathogen won't have any chance to infect others.

How do you save poptropica 24 carrot land?

what you do first is you go too 24 carrot and go too the old house and get and clear glass bowl and go to the carrot dinner and get it filled up with milk and then you go too the house and the cat will be in the shower/bathtub turn it on and the cat will hop out and its and little tricky too get the cat down stairs but soon he or she the cat will go down stairs and drink the milk and will follow you where ever you go !!!!!so take the cat too the cat to (CHARLIES) and give it too the lady and she will give you and pryer!!!

How can you help mother cat with too many kittens?

Bottle feed some of them or find another mother cat with milk who can help.

Is it too soon to be in love?

It is never too soon

Is to much canned cat food bad for a cat?

Yes, overfeeding a cat regardless on the type of food can be harmful. Some cats that eat too much all in one go often vomit soon afterwards, or become overweight. Feeding a cat too much dry food or treats can also have this effect.

Excessive thirst and no smell in urine in cats?

You need to take the cat to the vet as soon as possible. When a cat drinks too much water, it can be a very, very bad sign. It is often a sign of terminal illness, like kidney problems. You really need to get the cat to the vet as soon as you can, because if the cat is ill, it needs to be on medication. The sooner you start medicating the cat, the longer it will survive.

What is too soon to ask for another date?

Right before you've dropped her off at her door.

When was Too Soon to Love created?

Too Soon to Love was created in 1960.

Did piggy have the conch in his hand when he dies?

yes he does; the conch dies too

Does she dies in the book a walk to remember?

she dies in every book after that too

Can an adopted cat have babies with another adopted cat?

Yes, but why would you want to produce more cats when there are already too many of them. Spay or neuter these adopted cats.

When a friend dies part of yourself dies too.What is the punctuation mark of this sentence?

When a friend dies, part of yoursel dies too.

Why does your male cat try to mate with another male cat?

== == Male cats -- and female cats too -- will "hump" others not only for sexual reasons but to show domination of the other cat. They are establishing a pecking order.

What is the danger of putting a cat bed too close to a radiator?

One of the dangers of putting a cat bed too close to a radiator is it may be harmful for a cat's health as they may overheat. Another danger is that it may cause a fire.

Which cat is Jayfeather in love with?

Jayfeather does not show to be in love with another cat, and because he is medicine cat, he is forbidden to have a mate.

Can a cat hunt too much?

A cat cannot hunt too much. A cat doesn't eat much. A rat is enough to be eaten for a cat daily. A cat also uses energy during hunting. A too much hunting may make a cat tired.

Why does your cat have a grey bump abover eye and another is growing too?

It could be an abscess, an allergic reaction, or even a cancerous growth. You should take your cat to the vet immediately.

Who dies in revenge?

well there is the fallen that dies and a lot of other transformers too even devistator dies in that movie

Who dies in Percy Jackson in the Olympians book 5?

Beckandorf dies, Silena dies, a lot of Hunters die, a lot of demigods die, a lot of satyrs die, a lot of nymphs die, and Kronus "dies". Luke dies too. Ethan dies too. A lot of people died.

Does Mitchel Musso have a cat?

No. He is too hot to have a cat!

What to give a cat that's born and there mother dies?

Pet stores sell KMR Kitten Milk Replacer and kitten-sized baby bottles. I think Walmart has it too. Also, never feed a kitten or cat regular milk. Especially an adult cat. It can ruin their digestive system and kill them.

If your baby Tamagotchi dies in the Tamagotchi v4 will the parent have another baby?

The baby tamagotchi cannot die. If it dies, that means the parent is dead too. Only one angel will show up on the screen though