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How soon will a girl show when she's pregnant?

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About 3 months usually.

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Can a girl be faintly pregnant?

yes in the beginning if it is too soon the pregnancy test will barley show up it happened too me.

Can 10 year girl get pregnant?

Yes, as soon as you get your period you are capable of gettting pregnant.

When should you take test to find out if you are pregnant?

As soon as possible.Sooner the better. My wife and I check as soon as shes late... about 30 seconds after we think she should have had her pirod.

What is the youngest age you can be to get a girl pregnant one pregnant?

You can get pregnant as soon as you start your minstral cycle. So in that case you can get pregnant at almost any age>

Is Beyonce preggeant?

Yes. Beyonce is pregnant and is having a baby girl soon.

How soon can a pregnancy test show you are pregnant?

ten days joymaker rn

How old does a boy have to be to get a girl pregnant?

The boy has to be-able to release sperm and the girl has to have or soon be having her period then the there is a chance.

Is Beyonce Knowles have kids?

No, but will do soon as she is pregnant to a baby girl with her husband Jay-Z. The birth will be soon.Farida x

How soon can you woman get pregnant after the sperm hit the vagina?

If the sperm is in the vagina then you can get a girl pregnant. If the sperm only hits the outside then it is not very likely that she will get pregnant.

How soon can a girl get pregnant after her first day on her period?

A girl can get pregnant on any day of the year. Does not matter if you're on your period, right before, or after. There is ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy!!

16 years old girl co uld be pregnant?

as soon as you start having your period you can get pregnant be safe use protection

How soon do you begin to show being pregnant?

Typically around 3 to 4 months. How soon you show being pregnant depends on your body type, if you are very slim or extemely obese. For most people, by 5 months, it will become obvious to family, friends, strangers alike that you are pregnant.

What should you do if your rabbit is now 34 days pregnant and still hasn't given birth?

give your rabbit time, shes gonna have her bunnies soon

How can you get your girlfriend to give you oral?

well of course you need to wait till shes ready and if you show her that's not really what you want she will soon ...................

If a bride is pregnant how soon can she get married before her pregnancy starts to show?

Usually, a pregnancy will start to show after the first 3 months!

What does it mean when a pregnant girl wants to pee but cant?

You possibly have a UTI. Contact your dr as soon as possible.

How soon after sex can you be pregnant?

You could get pregnant anywhere from during sex to a couple of minutes after. You probably would not show obvious symptoms for a couple of weeks.

How soon can an x-ray show if you are pregnant?

Do NOT get an Xray if you think you are pregnant... it can harm the baby and can cause miscarriage... You must see your doctor for an ultrasound...

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She will be soon, and if it's another girl, she'll have 10 of each!

Can a girl get pregnant when a drop of sperm touch outside the vagina?

no because as soon as sperm tousches the air then it dies

What do i do if i get a girl pregnant and we're teens?

You both will have to face the music. Both must see a doctor as soon as possible.

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