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How strong are plastic shopping bags?

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Plastic bags rip to easily and it is way better to use a reusable bags! If you think about it then there is know reason to use plastic bags! They hurt the environment, they rip easily and when you go to the store they store like puts only two things in them! Well anyways if you go to and buy a chico bag they hold up to25 Pounds, unlike the plastic bags! Plastic bags are nothing but trouble,so get some echo friendly bags.

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Are plastic shopping bags strong and thick enough to reuse?

are bags strong and thick enough to reuse

Are the newly plastic shopping bags strong and thick enough to be re use?

are the newly plastic bags strong and thick enough to be re use

What material could plastic shopping bags be replaced with?

plastic bags can be replaced by jute bags ..

What is the plasatic that is used for shopping bags?

the plastic used for shopping bags is called polyethylene.

What are plastic shopping bags made out of?

They are made out of Plastic

How strong are paper shopping bags?

Paper shopping bags are strong enough to hold some groceries. Canvas reusable shopping bags are stronger and can be used more than once.

How strong is trash bags from shopping bags?

Trash bags are a lot better than shopping bags because a trash bag can hold a lot more than a shopping bag. A trash can is larger and thicker than a shopping bag an trash bag can hold 5830 kg and a plastic bag can hold 5325 kg.

Are the shopping bags strong enough to re -use?

It depends. My local supermarket bags are quite strong enough to be re-used many times. Then there are 'bags-for-life' (often on sale in a supermarket) which should be very long lasting! Personally, I have my own shopping bags, so I don't need to use supermarket plastic carrier bags at all.

What is the environmental impact of using plastic shopping bags?

Plastic shopping bags have a very negative impact on the environment. In 2002 a tax was introduced in order to reduce the use of Plastic Bags. This has reduced the number of bags found floating in the ocean and other water ways.

Where can custom printed plastic shopping bags be ordered?

Custom printed plastic shopping bags can be ordered from many companies. There are some online websites you can order from. Uline, 4imprint, Printing-on-Plastic, Nashville Wraps, and Freedom Plastic Bags, just to name a few.

How does recycle shopping bags help?

because it saves more plastic shopping bags been made and that means less pollution!

Why is shopping bad?

Shopping is bad because you have to carry your bags everywhere even the bus and also the plastic bags can kill animals

What arguments are used by environmentalists to support a ban on plastic shopping bags?

Plastic bags are made from oil, which is a non-renewable resourceMany plastic bags end up in the oceans, where they threaten the lives of marine animals. Turtles and fish swallow the floating bags, mistaking them for jellyfish.Plastic shopping bags are designed to be used once, and then discarded. This is unsustainable.

What measures are to be taken by the government to reduce consumption of plastic?

the government can produce lesser plastic bags. and charge extra for the bags we use during shopping. they should produce more paper or cloth bags that can be used for shopping.

How can plastic bags can be replaced with eco friendly products?

If you go for shopping take your own cloth bags from home don't take plastic bags from shopkeeper.

What is the chemical formula for the plastic in shopping bags?


Polymers used in shopping bags and plastic bottles?


Why are plastic shopping bags bad for the environment?

animals can die

What are components of an RMW spill kit?

plastic shopping bags

What are facts about using reusable shopping bags verses plastic bags?

to recycle,use and keep.

Are plastic shopping bags bio degradable?

Some of the plastic bags are made of bio degradable materials like superplast plastic factory

What are canvas shopping bags used for?

Canvas shopping bags are used due to their durability and carrying weight. Some stores also offer you discounts for shopping with your own bags to reduce the plastic waste in the world.

When is a plastic bag used?

A plastic bag is used when going shopping. Or you can alternatively use paper bags or environmentally friendly bags (ex.

What are alternatives to a plastic bag?

Reusable/washable cotton shopping bags!

Why is plastic useful for shopping bags?

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