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it is so strong it poops out babies

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Q: How strong is the dolphin's tail?
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Do bottlenosed dolphins have a strong kick?

Dolphins do have a strong tail with strong kick. That is showcased in many aquariums when they perform tail-walking above water or jumps.

How strong is a dolphins tail?

its almost as strong as chuck norris

If dolphins don't have legs then how do they move?

dolphins are aquatic mammals like seals, and sea lions. They have fins & a strong tail which they use to swim in water.

What is the dolphins tail called?

a tail

How aggressive can a dolphin get?

dolphins are actually not that aggressive but they are strong enough to kill a human

Do pink dolphins have a tail?


How do bottlenose dolphins swim?

moving their tail

What do dolphins use for deffence?

Their tail and teeth.

How dolphins paddle?

Dolphins paddle by swishing their tail up and down or side to side.

How do dolphins swim so fast?

dolphins swims so fast not because of their skin structure but because of large force exerted by their tail . dolphin can exert a force of 400lb by their tail as compared to olympic swimmers (produce only 60-70lb of force).

What is winter the dolphins tail made out of?

silk as the cover

Do dolphins have tails?

Yes. Most dolphins can't survive without a tail because they need a tail to swim, they would most likely drown without a tail, but that doesn't mean it's completely hopeless. If Winter the dolphin can survive without a tail, another dolphin can survive too, as long as they put their fighting spirit to use for survival