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The femur is the strongest and thickest bone in the body. It can take about 600 LBS of vertical force before it breaks. That pretty much means that if you set it up so it was horizontal, with a space in between the things holding it up, and put 600 pounds on it, it would snap. That's strong.

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a very strong bone in your leg

The femur is harder than concrete.

It depends how hard you pound. The harder you pound, the fewer times you have to do it before the femur breaks. And it also depends on how strong the femur is, and what area you spread the pound over. Different peoples femurs have different strengths.

the femurfemurFemur (thigh bone)Femur, the thighboneThe femur.

The femur bone is a strong bone in the human thigh.

The femur is a strong bone that has the following functions-1) To hold up both sides of the body and provides support to the entire skeletal structure.2) helps in the movement of our legs.Read more about the femur at:femur

Tibia, Femurfemur, tibia, and patella (knee cap)The femur, patella, and tibia.Tibia, Femur, and Patella

The Femur is the bone that goes from your hip down to your knee. Femur length would mean how long the Femur is.

The femur is proximal to the tarsals (ankle bones). The femur is the thighbone.

The Femur is located in the thigh.

The tibia is distal to the femur.

The femur is the long bone in the thigh. As a bone, it's only 2 roles is a healthy bone marrow and to be stress-resistant (i.e. strong enough) to permit exercise.

Your femur is not located on just one side of the body; the femur is your thighbone.

You'd fall over, or at least have to hop. The femur is the bone in your upper leg, otherwise known as the thigh bone. The femur is the largest and strongest bone in the human body. If a femur is damaged, by trauma or disease, a femur prosthesis (artifical femur bone) can be implanted.

Femur(thigh bone)The Femur, and it is located on your thigh.Probably the FemurFemur is the longest and strongest bone of human.

The word "femur" means "thigh" in Latin.

The femur is a single bone.

The femur is your "thigh bone".

The Femur is the thigh bone.

a gorilla's femur is 4.5cm

The pelvis is above the femur,

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