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Students are engaged in the activity of learning. Learning is productive to the extent that the knowledge gained can be used for various productive purposes, especially in terms of employment. I might therefore say that students are preparing themselves to be productive in the future, rather than being productive just by being students. A person who spent a lifetime studying but never did anything with the knowledge thereby acquired, would not be productive.


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Filipino students are motivated to study well with the thought that a brighter and productive future is ahead of them.

College of the Sequoias's motto is 'Preparing students for productive work'.

87% of students and people with jobs five days a week find that Friday is always the least productive because they are tired. This is from a survey by dr. Roger-pierce

Taos Municipal Schools's motto is 'All students will be prepared to succeed as productive individuals in society.'.

"Productive" is an adjective.

I have several sentences for you.We had a very productive meeting this morning, and got a lot of work done.His farm is quite productive.Productive workers make more money than nonproductive ones.As an adjective: The productive workers managed to finish all the work in a matter of hours.this answer was productiveHe was a productive man, and we always counted on him to get work done.yes, you could say something like "today was a very productive day."

No. Productive is an adjective. The adverb is productively.

Productive refers to somebody who is busy.

When phlegm comes out when you caugh it is called productive cough. If nothing is produced it is called as dry or non - productive cough

You ask this as if there is only one possible analogy that one could devise, with regard to students. Students are like crops; there is a new batch of them every year. Students are like investments; your efforts in teaching them can yield an excellent financial return in the future (in the form of productive, tax-paying citizens). Students are like wild animals; if you don't watch them closely, there is no telling what they may do. I could go on.

Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) is a subject in Indian schools where students can choose from a number of vocational education activities. It is important because it allows students to choose areas of study that they are interested in or have special talents for.

SUPW stands for Socially Useful Productive Work. One of the advantages is that students learn skills. Another advantage is that they learn to work together as a team.

The verb form of adjective productive is produce.

Mercer County Senior High School's motto is 'Building a Community of Titan Pro's: Professional, Proficient and Productive Students.'.

when does competition become counter productive?

A desert can be productive if water is available for irrigation.

tundra is the least productive biome.

No, the word productive is an adjective; the noun form is productivity.

Students can use computer in many productive manners: - Watching study videos hence lead to better understanding of topics. - Downloading sample papers and solving them. - They can work on computer to produce animations, programs, webpages etc

Define productive. Do you mean work and job production or just not siting around doing nothing productive. Or this this a trick question because I am not being productive by siting around and answering questions on the Internet.

The 3 productive resources are natural, human, and capital :)

Estuaries are the most productive ecosystems.

Plant parts containing storage tissue are productive

Productive People's Party ended in 1934.

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