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How tall could a dingo be?


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As tall... wait for it... as ur faces mom...

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A Dingo Is About 4ft Tall

Ernie Dingo is 187 cm.

The dingo is about 50 centimetres tall and about 120 centimetres long.

The only enemy of the dingo is people. Being at the top of the food chain, healthy adult dingoes do not have any other natural predators. Man could be considered an enemy of the dingo.

Dingoes reach 61 inches on their hind legs

A house dog could, and a wild dog, such as a dingo, could.

Donna Dingo is a dingo that helps deaf people.

There is not a specific name for a male dingo. A dingo is called a dingo no matter if they are male or female.

The main "predator" of the dingo is man, although man, of course, does not hunt the dingo except where the dingo threatens stock. There are no other natural predators of the dingo.

The mother dingo raises the pups.

The Dingo is a resturant.

It is an Australian Dingo.

Yes. It would be quite possible, but it depends on each animals individual capabilities. A doberman has sharper teeth and stronger jaws that makes it a better fighter than a dingo, but a dingo is a better hunter than a doberman. If the doberman was in a perfect condition, then it could fight off the dingo.

A dingo is a type of dog so, dogs are vertebrates , a dingo is a vertebrate.

The dingo is a wolf - Canis lupus dingo.

The dingo is in the kingdom Animalia.

Dingoes is the plural of dingo.

The plural of dingo is dingoes.

because your father is a dingo

Ernie Dingo is married to Sally Dingo, whom he married in 1989.

The Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) is dog-like, and found mainly in Australia.

yes a kangaroo can fight a dingo with its powerful kick to make the dingo runaway

The role, or niche, or the Dingo is to be a predator.

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