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Aleksander Tesla is 179 cm.

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Aleksander Tesla was born on August 29, 1973.

Aleksander Maciejewski is 180 cm.

Grant Aleksander is 6' 2".

NHL player Aleksander Barkov is 6'-02''.

The height of the 2013 Tesla Model-S is 4 ft. 8.5 in. (56.5 in.).

The height of the 2012 Tesla Model-S is 4 ft. 8.5 in. (56.5 in.).

Aleksander Werner has written: 'Aleksander Werner'

Aleksander Randviir's birth name is Aleksander Rutoff.

Aleksander Kursky's birth name is Aleksander Abramovitch Kursky.

Aleksander Sylvan's birth name is Aleksander Sylvan Knutsen.

The cast of Brueder - 2013 includes: Attila Borlan as Philipp Anja Bourdais as Sarah Aleksander Tesla as Tom Oliver Zgorelec as Mikey

Aleksander Orłowski was born in 1777.

Aleksander Orłowski died in 1832.

Aleksander Litwinowicz died in 1948.

Aleksander Litwinowicz was born in 1879.

Aleksander Lesser was born in 1814.

Aleksander Lesser died in 1884.

Aleksander Romanowicz died in 1933.

Aleksander Romanowicz was born in 1871.

Aleksander Kotsis died in 1877.

Aleksander Kotsis was born in 1836.

Aleksander Toots was born in 1969.

Aleksander Kakowski was born in 1862.

Aleksander Kakowski died in 1938.

Aleksander Kolkowski was born in 1959.

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